Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend Update: Sunday

Mom L guessed right...that was a jellyfish! Last Sunday, Miss Chef and I did a road trip to Atlanta, to see the Georgia Aquarium. Little did we know it was not 2 1/2 hours away, as Miss Chef believed, but closer to 4 hours! And little did we consider this: biggest single saltwater tank in the world + national holiday weekend + major metropolitan area = BIG CROWDS.

Well, we managed to have a decent good time anyway. We took over 100 photos, but most of them came out pretty fuzzy, darnit. I've collected 20-some decent shots in a slideshow, because there's not much storyline in this story.



  1. Wow, Flar... so so so pretty. you know, the Atlantis in Nassau Bahamas has a ginormous tank like that with all manner of sea life. It's stunning. I LOVE the jellyfish photos especially. Lauged out loud at the Dori slide too. You are a hoot.

    But my favorite photo, though, is the one you YOU girlfriend!

    Keep smiling!

  2. Those are GREAT pics, Flartus!!!

  3. oh no, y'all got mixed up in Memorial weekend traffic? Glad you had a good time, even so.

  4. You were in MY town!!! Now I have to confess: I have not been to the new aquarium. Dreaded the crowds, and knee problems keep me from walking much these days. I think Diane's favorite creature is the Beluga whale - she took a closeup that looks like it's smiling at her.

  5. Wow, what great pictures! I really enjoyed them. I am so glad our internet service has finally been fixed. I have missed your blog! I got some catching up to do.

  6. Looks like a fab time! I love aquariums and often sit my butt down on the floor just to watch the fish for the longest time. :)
    Your photos were fun. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Pssst, please stop by Casa Hice... I have something for you!

  8. Hi, I stopped by from Casa Hice and I'm so glad I did! LOVE the Smilebox slideshow and video. I've never seen that before-- You even added photo captions. Very cool.

    It's nice to meet you. I'll be back again soon!


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