Friday, October 23, 2009

Ceci n'est pas un post

Fall is here!

In spite of appearances, I am not blogging today! For some reason, I am feeling particularly...lasse today. That's French, and the fact that my mind can't be bothered to come up with a good translation gives you some indication of its meaning (think "lassitude." Is that an English word?). Basically, I'm too worn out, lazy, tired, whatever to blog today (or, apparently, to get a dictionary).

But I will post just a few random pictures from the NC State Fair last weekend...and maybe I'll get some inspiration this weekend to do a slideshow for y'all. In the meantime...

Quizzical Stanley. We had a Polish rooster just like this one when I was a kid. I kind of took this picture for my dad. He maintained that Stanley is a typical Polish name.

Midway taken from the ferris wheel. Mind you, it was in the mid-50s, breezy and sprinkling rain. So it took some sacrifice to get this shot. Click on it to biggerize it...can you find the giant ostrich head?

Eager kid in the petting zoo. They sell baggies of carrot slices on the way in, so the animals are very friendly.

That's it, just a tease! Miss Chef and I took over 50 pictures, so I'm sure I'll be able to wrangle up enough to put together a slideshow...eventually.

Ah, quelle vie...où sont mes bon-bons ?


  1. I MISS THE STATE FAIR!! I have to wait 10 more months before ours...

    I found the ostrich! Over on the right! What's it for?

    Happy Friday!!

  2. I grew up in Raleigh, as a kid, the NC State Fair was a BIG DEAL. The dairy goat show is this weekend. At one time we talked about going, but when comes time to go, we never leave home. So was it fun? Was it worth going? Is it a good family atmosphere or sorta trashy? I'll stay tuned.

  3. Love the Polish! I had wanted a black and white polish before we bought our golden laced and buff laced polish. I love the white heads. Very fancy!
    Looks like all three of Sid's chicks are growing those top hats, too. They are so funny!


  4. I can't look at a Polish rooster and not smile, they are beautiful and comical looking. (well to me they are).


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