Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving Thanks

Today's the day...our turkey is making the ultimate sacrifice so that we may have a festive meal on Thursday.

I prefer to be mindful of what it takes to get food on my table, so I dedicate this post to the anonymous Tom who's giving up his life for my dinner.

Thank you, Tom. We'll do our best to do you justice!


  1. And the congregation all said Amen.

    If I had to kill my food in order to eat meat, I couldn't do it. Just could not. I am an animal lover and although I stop short of joining the ranks of PETA, I would definitely become vegetarian if Publix didn't help me out in the meat department. I'm a terrible hypocrite, I know. I love animals and I love to eat animals. Pick one, right?

    Anyway... Tom is giving his life for your Thanksgiving meal, as is mine, as are many like ours. Let's just hope there is a turkey god with a turkey heaven and he will be immediately transported to all the scratch and corn he can handle as soon as the axe falls.

    And this is quite possibly the weirdest Happy Thanksgiving comment I will ever write.

    Have a good one. Love to MC.


  2. I'm afraid I'm a food hypocrite - like Alix, I like to eat meat, but could not bear to hurt an animal!!! Poor Tom.

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. Some animals are food. While I'm not a butcher, I've come to a point where I accept that it is what it is.

    There's a reason why turkeys say "gobble, gobble, gobble."

  4. Back in Ohio in 4-H the saying was "If you can't eat it, don't feed it". Rest In Peace Tom :-)


  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you over there in the US of A! Have a great time!

  6. At least you don't have to meet Tom in person. Or did you...?

  7. All Hail the Humble Turkey. I bet he is upset he never made the title of National Bird, such as the Bald Eagle. Then we'd be eating Bald Eagle instead.....

    Gobble, Gobble...

    You have much to be thankful for my friend.

    I hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, friends and four-legged loved ones, too.


    ps, Send me your snail mail addie so I can send off your goodie in the next two weeks. Twinville2 @ yahoo . com

  8. You know I dearly love my Franklin but yes, I'll be interested to hear about the taste of your free range turkey. I'll be anxious to hear about your Thanksgiving meal, with PHOTO's.


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