Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Small Beginnings

I haven't had much of a chance to enjoy my garden lately. Half of the time, I get home after dark. But whenever it's still light enough, I use Rosie as an excuse to pop out the back door after work to see how things are coming along.

As you can see, the radishes are happily growing, and now another crop is coming in--fresh, sweet, tender young peas! I love growing peas; they pop up so fast, climb up the trellis with their delicately twisting tendrils, and flutter their pretty little white flowers in the spring breezes.

I thought I'd make myself a lovely little appetizer to snack on while I start on tomorrow's lesson plan.

Cute, huh? Well, lemme, tell ya, I was in for a surprise. While the radishes have been getting bigger, they've also been getting stronger. Magnitudes stronger. Whoo-whee, they are the snack that'll bite you back! The peas are a nice, sweet and soothing contrast, but as you'll notice, there aren't many of them to even out those snappy radishes.

Which means I have most of a couple of sliced radishes still hanging around, looking for a salad to adorn!

Ok, back to work!


  1. I've heard (but don't take my word for it) that watering radishes more makes them milder. I am not a fan of "hot" so I don't grow radishes in case they turn out hot. Even the ones labeled "mild" give me flaming tongue issues! The peas look wonderful. Still, the only thing in my garden is garlic, rhubarb, and grapevines. I think I might have to buy transplants because I never started seeds. I'm dreadful.

  2. You may be right; we've had a bit of a dry spell, and I haven't been able to water as often as I'd like.

    If you were next door, we could trade peppers & garlic over the fence! (Sorry, I never have enough peas to share.)

    You are NOT dreadful, you're insanely busy, and growing from transplants is still better than going to the grocery store!

  3. Mmmm. Radishes! They do bite back, but they are so yummy.

    I wish I could grow stuff. I have two black thumbs and ADD. Is that an adequate excuse for going to Publix instead?

  4. Alix, if your dirt is anything like at my parents' house, you'd have to live off of sea oats if you were gonna grow your own food!


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