Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunset Tomatoes

Since you're here...I'd just like to brag about my Rosie for a short minute.  She amazes me sometimes.

At each meal, I scoop Rosie's food into her bowl set on the corner of the kitchen table, and then we go through a very important ritual.  She sits, I make her lick the spoon (because why wash that all down the drain, right?)  Then I place her bowl on the floor right in front of her, and she remains sitting until I give her the "ok."

I never thought I'd have a dog that would listen to me rather than the food in front of them.  So you have to understand, this already amazes me twice a day.  However, today Rosie really showed me how much she trusts and respects me.  You see, for the first time, she broke before I told her "ok."  Just as I opened my mouth to speak, her head was already in the bowl!

Oh, no you don't!  This is one bit of training I'm not going to get sloppy with.  So I got her attention: "Rosie."  She stopped eating and looked up at me.  "Yes?"
"Sit," I said, in my most authoritative voice.

And she did!

And she waited.

Until I said "ok."

I love my fluffy-tailed dog!


  1. I am amazed. Don't come over here and see my dog. It's just embarrassing!

  2. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    awwww, she's so cute!

  3. I love her too! Now...if she could only impart some patience to our new addition....

  4. Rosie is beautiful. What a sweet, intelligent face! And such a smart girl. Please give her a hug from me.
    What breed is she other than the beautiful breed? :)

  5. AJ, who knows? The HS said she was a chow/lab mix, but she has no purple on her tongue. I think she may have some border collie in her, but she's awfully calm for that.

  6. Such a good girl and a good mama!! She's just so cute!!

  7. Yay!! And thanks for adding Rosie to Feel Good Friday!!

  8. It must be heaven to have a patient, trusting dog instead of my bossy kitty!

    Nancy in Iowa

  9. until my present pair of Irish Terriers, I thought I could train any dog but the IT's barely respond to their names being called and that's if they are confined, out in the open, they're deaf. Rosie got some smart genes from somewhere.

    However, on the feeding, I can free feed the IT's dry kibble, they don't overeat, so that part is nice.

  10. Rosie looks like a lovely girl. Our Clifford is a rescue and supposedly has Chow in him too, but I don't really believe it. He's red, he has a massive head, he has a spot of purple on his tongue, but he is a gentle love of a dog. And he has a fluffy tail like Rosie.

  11. Wow, does that technique work on kids. I have a few who could learn a lesson or two from you :-)

    Rosie is a very good dog.

    Happy weekend.


    PS Stop by, I'm having a giveaway.

  12. Our Frankie is very good at waiting for the OK before he eats, too - but man, is he a barker! I know Aussies are supposed to be watch dogs, but I think everyone here would be happier if Frankie were more delinquent in his responsibilities in that regard...

  13. Yay for Rosie!!!
    Her expression says, "I'm trying really hard to be patient, but it's so hard. I'll be your good girl, Mama. See?"

    Yay for you and your consistency in Rosie's training.


  14. Oh! And that bowl of maters and the sexy pepper are gorgeous! A work of art!



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