Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making Other Plans

Didn't John Lennon say that's what life is?

It's been a week since I've written anything, mostly because "nothing's" going on.  No trips, no events, no crises.  I've had two quiet weekends in a row, and I'm starting to get a little too comfortable doing nothing.

I can blame part of it on the weather.  It seems like it's been in the high 90s, sunny and humid for about two months now.  There hasn't been quite enough rain, so even when one does force oneself outside, the plants and trees are looking desperate for help that can't be given.

Today, however, was different.  When I stepped outside the office, I couldn't restrain the "wow!" that welled up.  The air was cool and sweet, with a frequent breeze.  According to the radio, it was 81 degrees, but it felt more like 68!  That's how long it's been since I've felt a cool breeze.

"When I get home," I thought, "I'm gonna find something to do outside, just to be outside."  And once I changed and stood on the back patio with Rosie panting expectantly by my side, I thought...why work?  It'll just make me sweat, and ruin this cool weather.

So I sat, and pet the dog, and ignored the pleading garden.  And later, after dinner, Rosie and I went for our usual evening stroll.   This isn't nothing, this is lovely.  This is what I'll remember as The Good Ol' Days.

Hello Cody, how's it going?

Aren't we lucky to have this park?  It's sad how many residents of our development don't ever come here.  Oh well, more park for us!

When no other people, dogs, birds or moving objects are around, I can trust Rosie off the leash on this short part of the path, hemmed in by pond and trees.  (Well, I could...today, for the first time, she spotted something in the woods and took off after it.  *sigh*)

This is more her style.  I may call it "going for a walk," but she knows it's really about sniffing. 

Ok, where are the ducks?

Woods escapade or no, she knows to wait for me by the bridge, and stand quietly while I put the leash back on.  These are the good years: Rosie is young and healthy, but past the figure-it-out training stage.  We've got our routines down, and dogs loooove routine.

Mommy's little angel.

One last look at our peaceful park...

...and a beautiful end to another lovely boring day!


  1. Yeah! I loved our walk and that sky!

  2. That's not boring: that's perfect! The more distance I get from my former workaholic perfectionist work life, the more I realize how unnatural and unhealthy racing around at warp speed all day is. What was that line in "Eat, Pray, Love" about Italians knowing the pleasure of doing nothing? It sounds like you're acquainted with that pleasure, too!

  3. Thanks for taking us on your walk! Love that park... wish it was next to Morning Bray Farm! :) We had cool breezes here last night as well... they made us smile too. Nothing at all wrong with a lovely boring day either.

  4. I quietly enjoyed being on your walk with you until I saw "Mommy's Little Angel" - well, I was still quiet, but a great big smile grew upon my face!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. Just becasue you don't think just because 'nothing' is going on, there is always something to write about.
    Loved the pics of Rosie. She sure is a pretty girl.
    We have had two 100 degree days in a row. Ugh! I am hoping this is Summer saying farewell until next year.
    And the park you go to is beautiful.

  6. Good for you for taking time out to enjoy everyday beauty.
    That Rosie looks like a sweetheart.

  7. Boring days with beautiful weather are wonderful! Enjoy!

    The photos of Rosie kept making me say, "Awwwwww" over and over again. She's got such a sweet face with gentle, smiling eyes.

    Autumn days in the Carolinas are fabulous! Even better than Spring.

    We've been having gloriously beautiful weather this week, too...temps in the low 80's with cool breezes. And at night the temps are dropping into low 50's.
    Yesterday our daytime temps were in the 60's all day and last night it actually got down to 47 degrees! Brrr!
    But it's awesome sleeping weather.

    Of course, this all means that Autumn is already here. Snow will be arriving in October...just one more month away.


  8. Do all the neighbors pay an association fee for the park upkeep? I would so love to have that park on my farm, then to Mike's dismay, I'd get some geese again. Your park is lovely, can't believe folks don't use it.
    waiting for poatato salad recipe :-)

  9. Oh come on now... You're just taunting me, aren't ya!? Thanks for sharing the peacefulness. I miss boring lately. But tonight is another Norman Rockwell farm night... A group of (trained) friends helping hubby wire my riding arena lights, chili in the crock pot, cornbread n beer and the kids sleeping (whispering) outside in a pop up tent. You're right, it's always wise to remember; These ARE the good ol' days!
    That Rosie is enchanting! She reminds me of my childhood dog "Shamrock." Glad you n Rosie enjoyed your pretty park.

  10. Big furry black dogs are the best! Rosie is just so beautiful, and her eyes just shine with health and confidence.

    That is a beautiful park and you and Rosie are lucky to have it to enjoy.

  11. The pictures of Rosie made me smile! She sure looks like she enjoys her walks and why not, that is a very beautiful park to walk in.


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