Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello, my name is Flartus, and I am an addict.

I have tried countless times to quit, and I have quit countless times.  More often, I just try to cut back...just save it for the weekends.  Just for special occasions.  But every time, before I know it, I'm back to a daily habit.

I know it's wrong.  I've heard all the horrible medical statistics.  You know that I try to live clean, buying local, whole, chemical-free food.  Still, in spite of all my failed attempts, I desperately try to find a way to just manage my intake, because, still, I'm just not ready to go cold turkey.

I...have a Coke addiction.


  1. I'll be your Coke Anonymous mentor; I just kicked a serious caffeine-free diet coke habit. I'm clean!

  2. First of all get rid of that picture!
    I don't drink soda (much) but this image has me aching for an ice cold one RIGHT NOW!

  3. No matter how clean my diet can be... on my very best day, I still can't give up my coffee creamer. We all have that one thing... and sometimes more than one!

  4. Me, too.

    That photo made my mouth water.


  5. Ha Ha good one! :)
    I was a Pepsi addict all my life until two years ago almost to the date. In fact, I gave up all carbonated drinks.
    Every now and then I want one, buy one, open it up and take a drink, and then dump it down the sink because now it tastes awful.
    I have to admit your pic has me to thinking of getting a Pepsi next time I have to go to town! :)

  6. Diet Pepsi for me, please. Let's get together and drink this broth of Satan. Clean living be damned!

  7. You're not referring to the diet stuff are ya? I love the real thing, in a waxed cup, with crushed ice. ahhh

  8. I don't have any trouble with Coke, but, OMGiH, chocolate. I gave up smoking 20 years ago, but I really, truly, don't know if I could give up chocolate.

  9. I couldn't live without Diet Coke. Everyone's allowed to have at least one vice, aren't they?

    Um, I have more than one vice though... :D

  10. I'm with Betty! But make mine diet, please. I simply MUST have the artificial sweetner! The older I get, the more preservatives I need.

  11. I came to you from Simply Lovely.....and as I read your "About this blog" info....(I too live in subCLT)...I laughed when I came back to this post.....as I read, I surveyed my desk...with the 3 empty Diet Coke cans....and a warm one from last night that I am finishing off....maybe I too have a problem....smiles.

  12. I'm with Louise! I successfully kicked cigs over 40 years ago (oops - I just realized you thought I was only 30!) but chocolate? Can never have enough!!!

    Nancy in Iowa


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