Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Good Side of Reality

This is why I like having Miss Chef around.  She makes me do stuff.

I've been feeling very very low energy, and so has she.  But she's been determined to get fit...there's a lot more behind that, but today it meant she got my ass off the couch and back to the Whitewater Center.  We just went out for an hour or so of kayaking, but it's a great way to "reset" mentally.  Since yesterday's post came off a bit whiny, I thought I'd share some more positive news, and a couple of pictures.  (We used a tandem kayak for the first time, so I could fumble with my camera while Miss Chef kept us steady.)

There's a smaller creek that winds around in the woods.  It's probably impossible to capture the effects of the dappled sunlight on the water, and the way it illuminates the water as it strikes the sandy bottom.  So I didn't try.  I pretty much put my camera away and enjoyed it.

Earlier, though, we had spotted this fellow:

This is a green heron, which, according to my trusty Audubon guide, is the most common freshwater heron across the entire eastern US.  After I took several fuzzy pictures of it, we sat and stared at each other for a good long while; then we decided to move on and so did it.

We also saw an osprey, a kingfisher and the ubiquitous great blue heron, plenty of turtles and fish, a few humans...but not one single alligator.  Another successful trip down the river.


  1. Glad Miss Chef is around to look after you! This trip looks like a lovely one!

  2. Aw, glad you got some good relaxing outdoor time. And of course you're low energy - you just got back from a whirlwind trip far far away. You need some down time.

  3. We still need to get over there.

  4. Getting caught up on all of the trip psots... Love it! Shared links with my BFF who was over there back in Sept. The pig head- ick. But everything else... love! Sounds like a great time with family (what a fantastic experiene for the kids!!).

    And loved seeing so much of you and Miss Chef!!! Cheers to your SIL!

  5. How peaceful! I do know how getting out there, even for a short bit, does something great for the brain.

  6. I know how difficult it can be to capture the reality of real life, in a photo, but I think you did just fine and I really appreciate you sharing your beautiful float down the river surrounded by nature. Your words spoke volumes, my friend.



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