Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some Random Pictures

As I got each of these photos, I thought I might write an interesting post…but for each one, it turned out there weren't enough to really illustrate a whole story.  So I guess this is kind of a non-Friday photo fragments!


The weekend of the 17th, Miss Chef and I did a slightly different kind of kayaking.  It was through the Charlotte Parks system; they do 2-hour guided kayak tours of Lake Wylie.  As you can see, these kayaks are different than the sit-on-top ones we’re used to at the Whitewater center.  These are closed cockpit kayaks.  They’re slightly more tippy than the others, but they stay a lot drier—the sit-on-tops have drainage holes all along the bottom, so your butt and thighs are immediately wet.  I was glad for these, because as you can see, it was a bit chilly that day.  And neither of us tipped--though Miss Chef got a wave that sloshed into her lap!


Miss Chef at work! 

Me: Can I put this picture on my blog?
Miss Chef: I guess.  I look all dirty.
Me: That’s what happens when you work in a kitchen!  You should know that!


The salmon dish at the restaurant.  Served with coconut rice and mango salsa.  You know I have to make you hungry when you come visit, right?


This is for Bossy Betty.  She gives us flower pictures every Monday, and I thought she could use a little flower of her own.  Here ya go, hon!

And finally, a silly, fuzzy little video of Rosie at dinner time.  She dances for her dinner every night!


  1. Love the photo of Miss Chef at work.

    I think Rosie and Mickey are second cousins.

  2. lol! Cute! I love a dog that gets excited about their dinner.

    Seeing a photo of Miss Chef in her element made me smile!
    And the kayaking looks like fun.

    Speaking of which, I'm working on plans to fly out to NC for a quick weekend trip with my twinlings, at the end of October for a Zombie themed Letterboxing Event up in Salisbury. I noticed there are a whole bunch of letterboxes placed on the White Water Center's Trails. I'm hoping it all works out to go hunt for them. And maybe we can visit for a little bit while I'm in town?


  3. Great pictures! What a nice smile Miss Chef has! I especially loved the video of Rosie. Such a cute dog, a tap dancer obviously! :)

  4. Sugar Bear! I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get over here and get my flower! Thanks for preserving it so well for me.

    Thanks also for all the love and support on my blog as of late. I always look forward to your comments.

    Miss Chef is a woman of many talents and so are you. Do you remind her constantly of how lucky she is to have you?

  5. I know I'm a little late to this party, but I love the photo of Miss Chef doing her thing in the kitchen! And Rosie is a lovely dancer. What a talented family you are!

    (My verification word is "piptete" which seems like it should mean something in French...)

  6. The Rosie dance... It should be all the rage now.

    The picture of Miss Chef: It looked like she was being stabbed with a frying pan.

  7. Popping back over to say thanks for the comment. I think I need me a dog! My died in March. Lord, will this year never end?


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