Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Shortcut: Garlic

Today is the first day of my Staycation.  So naturally, I’m spending it like any other Saturday.  Miss Chef has to work tonight, so I’m at home, trying to not be a total couch potato.  Hey, it’s hot out there!

This morning, though, I did get outside before the real heat set in.  I watered the garden, trimmed the flower buds off the basil, cleared the dead coreopsis from the front bed…all those morning garden chores I cannot will myself out of bed for during the week.

I also harvested most of the garlic.



For anyone who doesn’t know where their grocery store garlic comes from, here’s the entire plant, enjoying a last sunbath on our patio chaise longue:



I guess that’s approaching 4’ tall, though several inches are below ground as it grows.  Here’s a closeup of the flowers, on top of the long, sturdy stalks called scapes.  Those are good eating, too.


I did leave a few plants in the ground, hoping for some of these flower buds to open.  They, too, can be used, for example as a garnish to finish off a pasta or maybe a cold salad.

As I looked at the grubby bulbs, I was suddenly aware of another benefit to getting to know the farmers at the market.  I didn’t need to scrub these babies.  I cut the stalks, then simply pulled down a few of the outer layers of skin, like an onion.  And voila, fresh clean garlic.



I did give their dirty little birds a soak and a rinse, and now they are splayed out on our wire onion basket to dry.

And now back to our previously scheduled housecleaning…


  1. Nice harvest! Is that from this year, or did they over-winter?
    Garlic is one of the few things I can grow in this harsh environment.

  2. Very cool! The Professor has harvested a few cucumbers and tomatoes this year, more than the the past few combined! He's pleased and I get to eat well. Win win!

    1. Good job for the Professor. This is the least productive garden I've ever planted. It might be better if not for the #@$%!! rabbits.

    2. I see a garlic stuffed, grilled rabbit in your future!

  3. Holy shit. I thought it came from a jar already minced up?

  4. I love growing garlic because there is such a difference between grocery-store garlic and home-grown. Same thing with onions. And tomatoes. And peas...I guess that's why I have a garden!

    I always have good intentions about making garlic scape pesto, but somehow just never get around to it...

    Enjoy your staycation!


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