Saturday, December 22, 2012

For Miss Chef

With all my focus on preparing—both logistically and emotionally—for Christmas on my own, I never stopped to think that I first have a weekend without my sweetie!  Someone asked me at work the other day what I had planned for the weekend and I kind of stared at her uncomprehendingly.

But don’t worry, I haven’t spent all day playing Angry Birds!


Though my 3-star Advent Calendar streak lives on…

No, I actually rose early today and headed off to the farmers’ market all by my lonesome.


I ran into Chef Luca—no picture of him, since he looked very tired.  He said he’d gone to bed around 1 am, and risen before sunrise to get to the Matthews market before coming here.  He seemed very concerned about my being alone for Christmas, but was mollified when I told him I had plans to get together with friends.

I didn’t spend long there, since I didn’t have much cash in my pocket.  I bought everything from one vendor, a new one for us, from Lincolnton—Clearview Farms.  That’s where I ran into Luca; he had ordered Cornish hens from them.  I also stopped off at the Bosky Acres booth to chat with Matt and pass on a message to Michele.  One of the volunteers from the Matthews market stopped by while I was there, to buy some cheese.  (I can’t remember her name, she’s the tall, really young one who set up the online schedule for Pauline.)

As I left the market with empty pockets, I realized I had bought only protein.  I finished off the last of my casserole last night, so I wanted some chicken leg quarters to cook tonight.



Oh, but I did have just enough money left over for a little breakfast treat from Nova bakery, of course!



Thankfully the rain and clouds have left for the moment, and we are enjoying bright, sunny weather.  I went outside to re-count the garlic sprouts.


Still only 13.

Rosie stayed outside while I was at the market, and has been content to stay out there pretty much all day.  It’s great weather for a sunbath.



Every once in a while, though, there’s something worth getting up for…like when the dachshunds got loose next door.


Or when the FedEx man came—he needed barking at.  I was happy to be able to meet him at the door and wish him a Merry Christmas.  Then of course I had to see what else you ordered!


Really?  At least they look fresh this time!

So, you see, I’m keeping busy enough.  Your stocking is looking a bit plumper than when you left.



There are a couple more gifts by the tree…



…which continues to add a cheerful beauty to the living room.



I’ve even laid a fire in the hearth for tonight, with a little kindling helpfully provided by the big tree out back.  We’ll see if I can manage to get it lit without your help!



Still, I’m looking forward just as much to your return as I am to Christmas itself.  And so, I suspect, is Rosie.


“Save me…please!”


  1. Love the photo of Rosie. I'm not sure Dasher would tolerate a hat unless I zip tied it to his head or something and even then he wouldn't appreciate it very much.

    1. I wouldn't say Rosie appreciates it, exactly...but she tolerates almost anything for the price of a belly rub.

  2. It was wonderful to see Rosie romping around on the video. I've been wondering how she's feeling. She looks fine.

    1. We're still dealing with some mild incontinence, but it's pretty common for a spayed female. Certainly nothing to dim her spirits!

  3. What a sweet post to your better half! Good for you for keeping busy and focusing on tasks at hand! Garde le sourire, Alison! Joyeux Noël to all of you! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Merci, et joyeueses fêtes to you and yours.

  4. happy christmas!
    or as we say in Treawnyd

  5. Rosie sure knows how to dress for a holiday! Black and red and white - gorgeous! Love the paw print on the hat.

    And you've done a wonderful job of keeping busy, productively I might add, and preserving it for your other half to read about.


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