Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wild Weekend

Dad is still working on his latest essay, and as we start to move on, it’s high time I put something else in this space.  It’s only Sunday morning, and yet I feel that I’ve already had a weekend’s worth of stories, so surely there’s something to share with you.

Yesterday morning the opening buds on a tree looked from a distance like pussy willows, so I grabbed my camera and went outside to try to capture the beginning of spring.  The tree buds weren’t all that interesting (and the opening ones were too high to photograph, but there were plenty of other signs.

The daffodils have been up for weeks!

Spring 02 (3)


The hyacinths and tulips in the back are already making a strong showing.


Spring 02 (8)


Spring 02 (7)


And our poor neglected daylily isn’t letting a lack of attention hold it back.


Spring 02 (9)


As I wandered the backyard, I spotted a big brown clump on the end of a branch of our lone pecan tree…


Spring 02 (12)


…and remembered Dad saying at Thanksgiving that we had a pecan out there.


Spring 02 (11)


Which just goes to show you how often I wander into that part of the backyard!

Shortly after taking these photos, I was inside ironing (my least favorite chore), when it started snowing.


Snow 02 (1)


“What!??” you say.  “You can barely see anything!”

Not ten minutes later, it had become this.


Snow 02 (3)


Ten minutes later…

Snow 02 (4)


Another fifteen minutes…

Snow 02 (6)


The small, wet driving snow had turned into enormous clumps of BIG wet falling snow, and it was building up fast.

Not sure what the background sound is…NPR on the radio plus the dryer, or maybe Rosie scratching?


As you might be able to tell, the sun was also falling, so I wasn’t able to take pictures much longer.  Besides, I had to finish ironing my shirt so we could leave in time for our reservations at our favorite restaurant, Passion8 Bistro.

“We?”  “Our?”

Yes, Miss Chef is back for a weekend!!!

Snow 02 (2)


She and Rosie stepped outside for a few minutes to play in the snow.  Or, in Rosie’s case, eat as much as she could before someone came and stole it from her or ate it all or made her stop omg must eat it all now!

Snow 02 (3)


So, as I was saying, Miss Chef and I had to whisk ourselves away into the winter wonderland that was growing winterier by the minute.  We had a particularly wonderful dinner, but for once I’m not going to show off our plates or make you drool.  The weather outside made the restaurant even more welcoming and cozy than usual, but I was happy to make the drive home well before the temperature dropped to the predicted lows in the 20s.

I was also a little excited to take the camera outside this morning and get some more pictures before all that snow started to melt.


Snow 02 (29)



Snow 02 (16)



Snow 02 (17)


Snow 02 (26)


And now, by the time I’ve uploaded all these pictures and edited these paragraphs, the grass is beginning to peek through and branches are quickly losing their snowy coats. 

As for Miss Chef, she will return to Alabama on Tuesday, so I’m seizing every day we’re together.  Lots to do, fun-wise and chore-wise, so off I go, to enjoy the rest of this long weekend!


  1. Lovely snow pics!
    It will be months before our bulbs are up.

    1. Yes, one of my services is to bring an early spring to folks in less temperate climes. :)

  2. I WANT that little blue shed!

    1. It's the best shed in the neighborhood, John! Complete with electricity and a huge double door on the right side with a ramp, to get lawnmowers, wheelbarrows etc. in and out. All it's missing is a wet bar, lol.

  3. Hah! As I started to read about your tulips and hyacinth and day lily, I was feeling somewhat sorry for myself that outside MY window, I can see only white, and more white, and more white ... and then came your surprise! LOL

    Yes, enjoy that time with Miss Chef!

    1. I won't post any more recent photos, then, or you'll start feeling sorry for yourself again. *grin* Miss Chef and I are making the most of every moment!

  4. I'm so glad to see some snow pics... we were in Atlanta and came home to very scattered patches of leftovers that Sunday evening. I was bummed I missed it! How much did we get?

  5. I am so, so envious of your bulbs. As one of your other commenters said, it will be months before they're up here. Your snow was...."cute" in that way that snow in places that don't usually get snow qualifies as "cute." Here, snow is not cute. It is tedious and deep and dreary. Glad you and Miss Chef had some time together, even if you did get hit by that snowball! :)

  6. Gorgeous pictures. I know you missed Miss Chef. Can I live in that little house?


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