Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Getting Bigger

I’ve been sick for most of the past week, with a “major” sinus infection, according to the doctor.  I just started antibiotics, but am still not feeling cognitively competent, so I’m simply putting up this charming little video.  Not only can you see how McKenna’s looking a bit more cat-like, but it’s also a good representation of the relationship between cat and dog in our house right now.



  1. Get well soon old gal xx

  2. Oh, how charming! It reminds me so much of when we brought our Petunia home - a little bit of nothing who loved Frankie so much we think she thought she herself was a dog instead of a cat.

    Oh, how painful! Sinus problems are no fun at all (and believe me, I know sinuses!). Here's hoping the antibiotics do the trick.

  3. Oh, infected sinuses - speaking from experience, what marvellous fun, eh?? Take care; the antibiotic should improve things in a day or three.

    What a cute little run by McKenna up to Rosie. I wondered if she was planning to pounce but if so, she must have reconsidered :)

    I wish our latest kitten had been so playful and ... ah ... non-murderous, shall we say. She was a stray, and quite aggressive. We haven't integrated her for fear of the damage she could inflict on our meek cat or our disabled cat ...

  4. Hey Sweet Pea! How are you feeling? That video is so sweet! Now get up. Tend to your garden. Tend to your blog. Don't you have a dog to walk? Let's move it, Missy. (Don't you wish I lived next door?)


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