Saturday, December 21, 2013

Garden Update

In December?  Oh yeah--just because I can!  Of course, being in the depths of winter, it's a pretty brief update.

Well, there are the parsnips hanging out in the far right corner, and in the background, our wildly re-seeded parsley just keeps coming back, even after several hard freezes.  But along the edges of the bed, next year's crop is already sprouting up through the leafy mulch.

Yep, my garlic is coming up!

I have one soft-neck and two hard-neck varieties (I don't know any of their names).  One of the hard-neck types came up a full week after the other two were already peeking at the sun.  I'll be interested to see how they grow, mature and develop bulbs.  But it will be another six months before I get to dig them up and see how they did.

In the meantime, Miss Chef is on break for four whole weeks!  Normally that would have been a troublesome prospect, as part-time employees don't get paid when classes are out.  However, Miss Chef has recently been offered a full-time position, so she can focus wholeheartedly on this winter's projects.

There were several batches of sausage to be mixed, ground, and vacuum-sealed (hat tip to Mom and Dad for their gift of a Food Saver several years back--we're using it!)

And the shower needs some new grout and caulking.

Since I was at work, McKenna stepped in to assist.  Isn't she sweet?

Miss Chef has plenty of other plans, but for the moment we are both ready for a little bit of down time.  Hope you all get a chance to rest and reflect as this year draws to a close.


  1. Too bad you are not off at the same time; but then, Miss Chef has the "help" of McKenna...You don't have any snow where you live Alisson? Best wishes for the Holidays!

    1. No, if we do get snow, it's usually in January or February--and melts by the end of the day!

  2. Hi Sugar!!! Thanks for dropping by! How's the garden growing now? Huh? Huh?

    1. Good question. Maybe I should go outside one of these days and check,huh?


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