Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More Snow!

Apparently the last dusting of snow and ice we got was simply a warm-up for the next big storm.  I feel very lucky to have an employer who is free and willing to shut down for this.  And rather generously, too.  We were released at noon on Tuesday, and have all of Wednesday off.  I won’t be surprised if we open late on Thursday, too.  I told Miss Chef last night, between holidays, illness and weather, I think I’ve worked only one solid week since Christmas!

Which means I’m losing ways to entertain myself around the house.  It’s a bit after 9:00 am on Wednesday as I write this, and it has just started snowing again.  I’m sure things will get much more interesting as the day wears on, but in the meantime I thought I’d share some of the photos I took yesterday.  As I said, I was sent home early, and the first thing I did was change clothes and head out the door with Rosie. 

Rosie loves the snow…but not like most dogs.


I did manage to get her attention long enough to put on her leash and head down to the park.

Snow 02 (3)


Snow 02 (5b)


The snow was just wet enough to cling to the bare branches, and the woods were filled with a lacy brightness on this otherwise gray day.

Snow 02 (8)


Snow 02 (25)


Snow 02 (9)

Snow 02 (10)


I like to take Rosie back into a wooded area behind the pond, where I am comfortable letting her off the leash.  This copse of mostly evergreen trees with their regular, parallel trunks and reddish bark, is very different than the woods I grew up with.

Snow 02 (16)

I couldn’t resist posing Rosie, though she hates having her picture taken.

Snow 02 (21b)


This ended up being a short walk, since I hadn’t bothered to put a scarf on, and the snow was finding its way down the back of my neck.  Brrrr!  I’m glad to get some snow and be able to enjoy it.  Because here in the South, spring generally comes early enough to make winter kind of fun.

Snow 02 (26b)


Oh, and in case you were curious, McKenna is quite happy being an indoor cat when the weather is cold.



  1. McKenna is really charming...I just heard the news of what is going on in the East of USA this morning(Thursday) and I sympathize with you. The storm will be coming up into Québec also at the end of the day; I'm already prepared for it: my car is stuck in the entrance of my yard!!!

    1. We got a lot more snow after this, but now on Thursday the sun has come out and it's melting. If only we had enough snowplows for the smaller roads, everything would be cleared by now!

  2. Striking photos - beautiful. Including Rosie and McKenna!

  3. I like the photo with the red berries. :-)


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