Sunday, April 6, 2014

Garden Update: Two Weeks In

Spring seemed ready to cede way to summer this week, with highs in the mid-80s.  I was probably the only one wishing the temperature would drop, so my lettuce and broccoli would be happy.  Then I was wishing the pollen would go away, as I was hit with yet another ridiculous round of allergies that sidelined me for two days.

Otherwise, spring is going through its dependable routine.  Our little bed by the mailbox looks particularly spectacular this year.


I just went out to take this picture, and for the second time in as many days, a neighbor strolling by asked me about what’s in here.  The phlox in back and dianthus in front (which will bloom after the phlox is done) were both put in by the previous owners, so I can’t take much credit for them!  Around here, pansies go into the ground in the fall, to winter over and create a carefree spring display.  The green bunch pushing up through the phlox is an asiatic lily that Miss Chef put in, and it creates its own conversation-starting display in late spring.

The veggie garden doesn’t look nearly so spectacular…in fact, I doubt it looks much different at all from when I first put it all in two weeks ago.  Perhaps the garlic and onions are a bit taller.


How do you like our guard cat?



Since she realized that birds are a thing, McKenna’s become much more insistent about joining us outside.  I told her to keep the robins out of the garden bed, as I’m very protective of my worms.  Don’t worry, the jingle of the runner on the line works just like a bell to warn them when she pounces!

Anyway, there’s not much to see in here, unless you take a closer look…


You can see the two rows of pea sprouts on either side of the two trellises.  Unlike last year, we haven’t been blessed with regular, soaking rains, so I may be lugging a lot of water to keep them and the lettuces happy.

I didn’t bother to try to get a picture, but the carrots are coming up too, and soon it will be time to thin them.  I pulled a few yesterday (along with some radishes), and realized that what I actually had in my hand were microgreens!  I took them inside to rinse and enjoy them.  The radish leaves are a bit bitter, and their stems are already super spicy, but the carrots are just fresh and zingy.


Miss Chef’s next underground dinner is next week and I decided to hold off on thinning the rest of the carrots, so she can use them as a special garnish.  This just might be the earliest production my garden bed has ever seen.

Finally, in the interest of fairness and balance, I tried to get a picture of Rosie to include here.  Being all black, she is much harder to get a good picture of.  Also, she hates having her picture taken.


“Oh, look at these fascinating weeds right here.”



“Is that a velociraptor!?”



“I give up.  Will you pleeease stop following me around with that?”


I finally got a semi-decent one.


And then this one, which looks…oddly familiar!


Yes Rosie, I’m done now.


  1. What a pleasure to see the flowers and a landscape that is not white...We had another 10cm of the "white stuff" during the weekend so we are not near to see our spring flowers..."Ras-le-bol" de l'hiver!

    1. No kidding! I can't believe how the snowfall up north has dragged on and ON this year! I feel like I'm living on a different planet.

  2. Gorgeous display of flowers! We've been cultivating snowbanks :)

    Love the pictures of McKenna and Rosie. Both of them are beautiful.

    1. I feel for you and your view of snowbanks. I'm glad you asked about Rosie earlier, because she sure could use more attention. :)

  3. Replies
    1. She doesn't even know the power of those sad brown eyes!

  4. Oh sure! I tout my 4 X 4 shoebox of a garden and I come over here to see your huge plot of land. You are the queen of the garden with your microgreens! Love those flowers by the mailbox! I wanna sit beside Rosie and watch the food grow!

    1. I was just thinking this morning that I'd much rather sit and watch my peas grow than go into work.


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