Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Teasing the cat

I admit, McKenna has stolen some attention from Rosie.  Not only does she display that entertaining zaniness typical of her species, but she’s just so much more convenient to reach than the poor floorbound dog.

One of McKenna’s favorite hangouts is on the back of the couch.  Aside from offering an ideal lookout for most household traffic, it’s also super comfy, what with the thick blanket that has now become hers.

McKenna 09 (3)


When the cat sits there looking so cozy, with her feet sticking out at odd angles, I can’t help but mess with her.

McKenna 09 (5)

Miss Chef and I were delighted when we realized McKenna’s toe pads were going to stay pink.  They’re adorable.

For a few seconds, it seemed she was going to fight back…but then she remembered she hadn’t had her second morning nap yet.


Don’t worry, she eventually got to sleep in peace.  For a little while, anyway.

McKenna 09 (7)


As for Rosie, now that the cool weather’s rolled in, her favorite napping spot is the cool concrete and street view from the front stoop.

Rosie 09

Part of the benefit is the nosy cat can’t bother her out here.

Or can she?

Pets 09 (3)

Oh well, at least they each have their own space.  Can you imagine a door-to-door salesperson getting past this ferocious menagerie?

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  1. That photo of her paws is great!!! Love it!


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