Saturday, May 9, 2015

First tomato!


It’s tiny. It’s green. Apparently, it’s a little fuzzy…but it’s the first of the season!

Also, some of the seeds I had decided would never come up, came up. One day bare soil, the next…beans!


Dunno what happened to those leaves, but I planted two at each stake, so we’re gonna play survival of the fittest. Gardening can be brutal, didn’t you know?

Wow, this picture came out fuzzy.


The garden seems less green than usual this year. Still, the peas are finally getting the idea and climbing the trellises, though I had to help a few of them out. And the tomatoes have grown enough that I needed to loop some string around the stakes (thus the discovery of their firstborn). It’s been pretty warm here, getting into the low 80s (27-ish C), and I’d love some rain. Sadly, none is forecast anytime soon and I’m getting nervous this may turn into another drought summer. I really prefer when Mother Nature takes care of watering for me.

In other news, my favoritest pastry chef in Charlotte recently opened a brick-and-mortar location, and I stopped in today to check it out. Here’s a little something to make you hungry.




The chef is French—oh so French—and makes the best pain au chocolat I’ve had stateside. Time to work my network and get this man some press!

That’s about all the excitement I’ve fit in this week, between delivering bread and scooping up spices. That’s ok, even my quiet weeks keep me occupied. It’s good to be busy again!


  1. Looking good so far. Hope you get your rain soon. All the sprinkler water in the world doesn't water like a gentle rain does.

  2. Peach turnover.... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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