Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Hangover

No alcohol involved, but today was a dreary, energy-less day. Not a whole lot going on in the noggin. But I did take a photo of last night's dinner, and wanted to show off. I find Miss Chef's plates so beautiful, even if it is old hat for her. They of course don't come over quite as well as in real life, and I'm of course not a professional photographer, but...YUM!

Dammit, Blogger, why d'ya gotta go flippin' my flippin' pictures around???

Well, anyway, what we have here (from left to...oh, right, I guess from TOP TO BOTTOM, stoopid, grumble, dumb...) is: roasted potatoes (made by yours truly, thankyouvurymush), topped with sautéed apples and duck confit, pan-roasted duck breast in blueberry/pomegranate sauce, and sautéed spinach. Miss Chef loves to make me eat my veggies. Oh yeah, there were some haricots verts in there, too.

It was even better right-side up.

Stoopid Blogger. Hmph.

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  1. I truly believed I had arrived when I understood that Haricot Verts were skinny little French green beans, nevermind that I pronounced it in the phonetic way: HARRY COT VERTS. Imagine my red face when my niece who studied French ignored my faux pas and pronounce it correctly: "airy covair." Just goes to prove, you can take the girl out of Poland but never the Poland out of the girl.

    The duck and all its accoutrement looks grand. I'm jealous, and I don't even think LuLu would mind my admission.

    Hope you and Miss Chef had a wonderful Christmas.


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