Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

It's noon on Christmas day when I'm posting this. And I'm not in the mood to wax philosophical, or to self-edit, so I'm gonna post the equivalent of 5,000 words in picture form. Hope all my two or three faithful readers are having cozy, fun days off.

Here I am! It's Rosie and I (Miss Chef is camera shy, and was doing photography duty).

Coziness abounds...

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree...

Here is the beginnings of our Christmas dinner--roasted duck bones ready to turn into stock for a duck confit. Whatever did I do to deserve all this? Well, I guess all those weekends alone, plus the extra laundry, has earned me something. Maybe, if I'm not too drowsy, I'll post a picture of the final product later.


Correction: Miss Chef has informed me "The stock has nothing to do with the confit." Ah well, I'll eat it all up anyway. And this simply reminds me of the importance of always having something new to learn from your loved ones! (For the curious, the stock is for the pomegranate/blueberry reduction to sauce the roasted duck breast; the confit uses just the fat and the legs. Silly me.)

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  1. Flartus you are beautiful. And so is Rosie. And so is your mantle, and stockpot, and well... all around gorgeousness going on in your household.

    You look happy. As it should be always.

    Merry Christmas from your friend in North Florida.


    PS: My word verification is "aughi" which is cool because my little Doxie's name is Augie.


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