Monday, March 2, 2009

More Snowy Pictures

Well, I did have to go in to work today, but the office opened two hours late, so I still had time to take Rosie out and get some more pictures. I've got to figure out how to upload video from my camera; she was completely nuts in the snow...well, at least for her!

This morning, our snowman had collected even more snow. You may notice his mouth disappeared; his head fell off after we went inside and I had to re-do it. I suspect foul play, but since he didn't seem to mind, we won't pursue it.

The daffodils were a little less happy with the snow...

"Gee Hon, how much snow did we get?"

" bunch!"

Every branch covered with snow. Actually, a lot of it had plopped off by the time I took these pictures.

Then the sun came out and turned icy branches into lacy diamonds...only the camera didn't do a great job of capturing the sparkle. My pea-trellis-in-progress was totally transformed into modern art.

The sun came out again in the afternoon, so, as usual, most of the snow melted. But there's still a nice layer on the east-facing rooftops and north-facing hills. I haven't heard the scrunch of snow under my boots in 8 years, so I actually got pretty excited about this snowfall. Pretty weird for someone who grew up in the snow belt! It's true; snow is better in the south. 'Cause it goes away so quickly!


  1. Great pictures, Flartus!! I love the closeup of Mr. Snowman's face!

  2. Seriously, you need to enter some of these photographs in a photo contest. They are always superb.

    I'm sorry you have to deal with more snow, but this will be the last of it. Pretty soon we will all be complaining about the heat and humidity. That's a fun thought anyway.

  3. good shots. I'm hoping that's it for snow and we can move on MR. WINTER!


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