Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring, cont.

Hmm, like there's something about spring that's keeping me busy. Daylight savings time is messing with my energy, too. But I snuck a few minutes yesterday to take some photos of the newest stars of the show.

Lovely Hyacinth has stopped by, thanks to Miss Chef's fall planning. She says she made this cutting bed for me, though I had to finish it off to make it as perfect and organized as I like things to be. The planting, however, is all to her credit. I teased her about planting hyacinths when she is on a campaign to yank up all the lovely little wild ones that populate our yard. However, I will admit that these are a completely different experience. Plus, their perfume will knock you over from ten paces, if you crouch down low to the ground (as I do every evening while looking for new sprouts in the garden...more on that in a bit).

Ah, tulips...we've heard they can be tricky; failing to come up the second year. But this is the first year, and here they come. I planted a few out front, to follow the daffodils; they are coming in a bit slower.

Now, back to the sprouting things in the garden. Lovely, eh? This was as close as I could get to my teeny arugula sprouts. The only reason I know they are arugula, and not carrots or dandelions, is because A) I planted them there, and B) they're growing in straight rows. Otherwise, they look like a million other plants at this point.

After a cold, rainy weekend, which halted the arugula in their double-leafed tracks and made me fear for our little unsprouted seeds, we're finally starting to see more shoots outside. Spinach, beets and peas are popping their little fronds up, though the carrots seem shy. Not at all sure what the asparagus is supposed to do this year; it takes 3 years before they are harvestable, so that's going to be sort of a long-term experiment.

This is a bit of what Miss Chef's been cooking up inside. I believe these are October beans she saved from the farmers' market last year. I took this picture about two days ago, and the plants are already over 6" high. They're sitting outside now, getting rained on, or I'd take a picture for comparison. We don't know if they're pole beans or bush beans, but they're looking a lot like viners so far!

And I'm sorry, but that's all that Flartus has time for today. I've noticed the comments have dropped off, so either my tales of tunafish are not very inspiring, or you all have your own spring happenings going on. I'll assume the latter, for my ego's sake.

Happy growing, y'all!


  1. I wish I had a thumb for gardening!!

  2. Flartus,
    Forgive me for falling off the comments thing. The garden looks great. I am sad this year that the guys that we share our porch with have commandeered all the space and we won't get to plant any impatients. I loves me some impatients.

    I've posted pictures of Phineas on Facebook. He's got a touch of the devil in him. - Fred

  3. Your garden is mine! That is, yours is the only one I have, so keep the photos coming. The hyacinth is a beautiful blue.

    Nancy in Atlanta

  4. Looks like Spring! I love the pictures, they are beautiful. What a great start your garden has gotten off too. I am so far behind this year, and with goats due next week I may just fall further behind on my garden plans.

    Spring is keeping me busy, (that is also the explanation for the Emma nose post on my blog..hehehe), but I love your blog. It is one of my favorites to read, so I do keep up with it, even if I don't always have time to comment!

  5. Aw, all are so sweet! Thanks; I'll keep you updated on how my garden grows.


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