Thursday, June 18, 2009

Food Inc.: The Movie

I tried to post the trailer here, but it didn't take for some on the picture above to watch it on YouTube.

If you've been reading for a while, and paying any attention, you know that Miss Chef and I feel rather passionately about our food. We also feel passionately about eating as locally as possible, and avoiding processed food as much as possible. This movie will explain why.

In a nutshell, this documentary shows how America's food-producing industry has diminished the variety and quality of our food, leading to an epidemic of health issues. Yes, Michael Pollan* and Eric Schlosser* are both in it, and Alice Waters* is quoted as saying "The film I have always been waiting for."

Liz, I'm especially hoping you see this movie, because you have young children, and I know you're trying to show them what real food looks like. I have to tell you, when I watched my brother feeding Tyson's frozen chicken nuggets to my nephews, I couldn't help but think, "Does he know what he's feeding his kids?" And this is a guy who loves to cook!

I don't mean to preach (ok, maybe I do...I feel quite strongly about the subject.) I know, it's really hard to work full-time and put quality meals on the table every single day. Lord knows, I just went to Jersey Mike's for lunch today. But if you've been trying to make yourself eat a little more "whole foods" and a little closer to home, this film might help motivate you!

* Author of Omnivore's Dilemma / *author of Fast Food Nation / *breakthrough Chef/Owner of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA

Disappointing Update: It doesn't look like it's playing anywhere near's a conspiracy, I tell you! Hmph.


  1. I've heard about this movie and I want to see it!!!

  2. Yay!!! I knew there was a reason I liked you, girl!

  3. I want to see it too! I love that you post about this sort of thing on your blog!

  4. I should go to see this, although, it's sort of like preaching to the choir, for folks like us to go and see it. I mean really, it's the people who don't "get it" yet who need to see it. Sigh. Guess what?! I FINALLY got your shirt. I'm so behind on so many things, but it will be on its way soon. It's not nearly as cool as the shirts you can get, but I hope you'll like it anyway. Perhaps as a late night walk the dog shirt, or a mow the lawn shirt. Apparently Des Moines needs better shirt designers. How odd, my word verification is "crave" and here I am talking about farmers markets...


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