Saturday, June 20, 2009

Battle of the Mill

It's 1862, and rumblings are heard throughout the countryside. The War Between the States has arrived in North Carolina. A band of Yankees has captured the local grist mill, and the Confederates are not about to let that stand. Battle is imminent.

Last weekend, Miss Chef and I went to a Civil War re-enactment in Concord, northeast of Charlotte. It's small compared to most, but those involved are just as diligent about making the experience as authentic as any. In real life, there was no battle at Bost Grist Mill, but it sure makes a good location for one!

I put together another slideshow for your viewing pleasure, showing you the highlights of our afternoon. Please bear in mind two things: the actual battle, which lasted about half an hour, was a bit more complicated than I've represented it. And the guns were much, MUCH LOUDER than it seems.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Battle of Bost Grist Mil

Oh, and a third thing...all the "Go get 'em, Jeb!" and rebel hollering was not from the re-enactors. No, it was from a Grandpa standing behind us who talked to his grandson as if the war was an ongoing event. It's true, there are many who believe: the South will rise again!

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  1. My old boss from IBM was into Civil War re-enactment. Does that make him a good History aficianado or a geek? I never could decide. What I DO know, is that he was a terrible manager. But I bet he rocked the Union uniforms.

    Thanks for the slideshow. You are precious! Love ya!

  2. That was cool - I've always been fascinated by that war. I'm impressed that you were able to insert videos in the middle of the slide show!

    A very distant cousin was a prisoner at Andersonville and kept a record of the Yankee dead. Long story, but when I visited there several years ago one of the rangers copied some info from their records for me!

    Nancy in Atlanta

  3. Looks like an interesting and fun afternoon. Go get em Jeb! hehe Beautiful horses!

  4. Yeah, I have to say, I was pretty impressed by the horsemanship. Though I noticed not a single cavalryman was "killed." Guess they weren't going to risk dropping off a horse in the mélée!

  5. Y'all are very adventurous.

    My Dad was a history buff so on vacations he would want to visit old history sites. He never was involved in reinactments though.

  6. My nephew is totally into Civil War stuff. He would have LOVED this!

  7. Great pictures. I should find a civil war re-enactment to take my boys.

    I live in Ohio and think of moving when I retire. How did you like North Carolina compared to Ohio?? I want to go somewhere without snow.

  8. Thank you for your great comment on my blog today. I can't believe how little press NAIS is getting either. You don't see anything about it mentioned on the major TV news networks.

  9. Oh wow! That was so awesome! And you're right about folks thinking the south will rise again! haha!
    After living in South Carolina for 7 years I remember how it was similar to living in a different country. Very unique. I do miss those exciting civil war reinactments, though.

    Thanks for sharing them with us here.


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