Saturday, July 25, 2009

Does Not Compute

When it, not only am I working a second job, but it's taking a hail of a lot more work than I anticipated, due to the aforementioned lame-o textbook. I'm also putting in some overtime at work, and we're going to be down one person in our 4-person department next week, so that's not going to lighten up anytime soon. Oh, and our Homeowners' Association board is trying to schedule a meeting in the next week or so, because it's time to start working on the fall party already.

Fine, I can suck it up, right? So the carpets are extra furry and I can't remember the last time I actually made anything in the kitchen besides a peanut butter and jelly sammidge. I'll get used to it.

But there's more! Our computer crashed last Wednesday. Stone cold dead. Push the button, nothing happens. Nothing.

So not only am I incapable of writing up lesson plans, accessing resources from previous classes, checking emails to find out if we're having a board meeting or if my students have questions...but I can't blog! No garden updates, no funny stories, no hair-pulling teacher experiences. And I'm only checking y'alls' blogs kind of randomly at work, when the manager and supervisors aren't too present. (I'm writing this from campus, where I had to come to do lesson plans for next week.)

If you all keep your fingers crossed, our hard drive may not be completely foutu, as they say in France. In which case a friend may be able to cobble us together a slightly improved computer from her old one this weekend, and I may be back up and running next week.

If that doesn't work, Miss Chef and I will be going computer shopping (when? I haven't the foggiest idea). I've already done some research on gigabytes of RAM, processor cores and other lovely number thingies. But all the gigabytes in the world won't replace everything on our hard drive if it's unrecoverable.

So let's hope for the best, kiddoes, and maybe I'll be back in the blink of an eye! Or, since we're so farm-friendly, two shakes of a lamb's tail!


  1. I need a new laptop too but am trying to hold out for Windows 7which comes out in the Fall. Good luck with everything, you've chewed off a lot. :-)

  2. Crossing fingers and toes and sending prayers up to the great hard drive in the sky.

    Hope you don't have to go into hock for a new system sweet Flar. If so, you'll have a great new machine. No down side, right?

    I admire all your energy. Two jobs and one teaching a foreign language? Rock star status in my book. I can barely make the bed. Too old and tired.

    Love ya!

  3. Wow, your plate is full these days!!!!! Hang in there.
    Sending good wishes on the computer.

  4. Hey Ohio girl! I just saw your comment on my blog! Thank you. I was raised in Lake County.

    I've been to the Lake, Geauga and Burton Fairs more times than I can count. There is nothing like meatball sandwiches, elephant ears and homemade lemonade from the midway! I'll be missing the Fairs this summer but we did Lake County's the last two years since my nieces do 4-H with their horses and pigs.

    And you're right-- it's not "county living" with blocks and sidewalks. It's really more like big city vs small town living, but it'll be great to be back! I can't wait.

    Thanks again for your comment. You made my day!

  5. My hubby swears that the MAC is a better computer. He seems to have less problems than I do on my PC. I'm thinking MAC my next computer.


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