Friday, August 7, 2009

Still Here..Sort Of

It's almost 6 on Friday night, and I'm still at work. I need a break, and I thought I'd take advantage of my internet access...shhhh! pop in and say "Hi! I miss all you bloggy friends!"

Here's an update on our computer situation: a friend pulled our hard drive out and stuck it in a temporary machine. It's still got all of our stuff--pictures, resumes, Miss Chef's recipes, old love letters, the works. PHEW!! But...we're still waiting for her to install the drive into a new machine, so we haven't loaded our internet-connecting software yet.

Hopefully, we'll get our new machine on Sunday; whether the software will load and connect as it's supposed to remains to be seen. I sure hope so, because not only am I losing touch with you all, but my poor students have a dickens of a time getting a hold of me outside of class.

And, as you've noticed, I've been working a bit of overtime at job #1--blew past 40 hours this morning, and will definitely be coming in Saturday, and possibly Sunday.

And, might I add, tomorrow is Miss Chef's birthday, and what have I done in preparation?

Yup. So the weekend's not looking so hot, either.

But I look forward to diving back into the blog pool someday soon. Don't forget about me; I miss you!


  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Chef!!

    I've missed you, Flarty-poo! I hope your pc issues are worked out soon!

  2. How was Miss Chef's birthday? I'm back, too! Finally landed in Iowa a week ago - love it here, but I'm just plain pooped from the last couple of months. Surrounded by boxes to unpack, but I'd rather be doing this.

    Nancy, now in Iowa

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to Miss Chef! Book package on the way!


    Isn't it amazing how much we've come to rely on our computers?!? I was on vacation for 5 days without reading or commenting on blogs and I thought I'd been out of touch for 10 years!

    Don't worry about being out of touch-- We'll wait for you!

  5. Happy happy Birthday, MC!

    Waving to MomL. I have missed your presence. Please come to Casa Hice an relieve my misery.

  6. Happy B-Day, miss chef. Wished I lived closer so I could help fix your computing problems.

  7. Happy belated birthday to Miss Chef! Try not to work too hard!


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