Saturday, August 22, 2009

Silly Saturday

Quote of the week: "Nothing says 'I love you' like pork."

(One of the farmers at the market gifted Miss Chef with a pound of frozen ground pork today; we were both delighted.)


  1. I love darling pigs, and oh I love the taste of pork.

  2. Oink!

    We were watching "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe yesterday (why can I not resist him?) and it was all about pig farming. Made me sad for the little things, but pork is just so darn good, aint' it?

    So, I wonder what MC will be planning for that pound of yumminess. You will share the photos, yes?

  3. And some gals are given pretty flowers.....Miss Chef gets raw meat instead.

    I remember that 'Spider Pig". Too funny! I love what Andrew Zimern always says, "Everything tastes better with bacon or pork"


    You left this comment on my post about Dobbie, and I'm embarassed to say it flew right over my head. Can you elaborate?

    You said:
    "Why Dobby and not Winky? Does Dobby just sound better? Or did you not want to risk saddling her with a serious butterbeer addiction?)"

    Who is Winky? And what is this about Butter Beer?

    word verification: chawb
    Something you do with a wad of pork in your mouth.

  4. One of our fave things at the State Fair is visiting the Indiana Pork Producers tent. Some of the best bbq ever. Pork burgers, pork chops, and this year, pork sausages! Yummy good stuff. When I first met Jeff, he was a Fair employee for the Pork Producers. He spent 15 years giving 2 weeks to the Fair every year. My introduction to the greatness of the Fair was him bringing me a bbq sandwich or pork burger from the Fairgrounds every night!

    So in other words- we love pork!

  5. Cute post. Just blog walking and visiting folks I follow.


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