Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Living with a Chef

A phone conversation we had last week:

Miss Chef: So, did you have anything in mind for Valentine's Day?
Me: Well, I have Monday off, so I figured...I mean, I don't have anything specific, but I thought we'd celebrate it Monday. (Miss Chef will of course be working on Sunday.)
Miss Chef: Yeah, well, that's great, but that's not what I meant. Do you want to work on Sunday?
Duh. Ok. I said yes. And then today she called and asked if I wanted to work Saturday, too. And I said yes again. So that's how we'll be celebrating Valentine's Day: working opposite ends of the restaurant, me at the door, her in the kitchen. But at least we'll be together...right?


  1. Well, you know how it goes - the family that works together.....

    And yes, at least you'll be together!

    Happy Valentine's Day early to both of you.

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. I hope that as a side bonus, you will get a nice meal for working there! Sounds like you'll have a busy weekend but as you say, at least you'll be together, and then you can celebrate on Monday. We are celebrating on Saturday, going to the Iowa Culinary Institute for their Valentine dinner which is entirely themed around chocolate!!

  3. At least you'll be together. That's exactly right. And you can celebrate in your own way on your own day. We aren't big celebrators of VD- just a small gesture is plenty and nothing more than what we don't already try to do from time to time anyway!

    And you know what... you are going to have a great time working this weekend!!

  4. the first thing I think of, you'll make $$$$, big $$$$, I hope. and yeah get some excellent, free, vittles. and yeah, catch a glimpse every now and then of your Valentine.

  5. Making some extra money, and still being in the same location together. Maybe you can sneak in a little mealtime together.
    My hubby and I don't do much for V-Day, and most of the time we forget all about it. lol!

    After all, V-Day was created for the retailers and flower/card/candy companies anyway.

    Love happens ALL year long, not just on one day.


  6. It sounds kinda fun actually and think of it this way no one has any expectations so there won't be any disappointment.


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