Friday, February 12, 2010

More Snow

Who knew that North Carolina would see more snow than the Winter Olympics on opening night?

The light was fading, so it was hard to get sharp images.

But everything looks so sculptural in the snow.

Well, maybe not everything...Rosie was too busy licking up the snow to pose for a picture. A black dog in white snow looks so cool, though!


  1. Those pics are really pretty... kind of a creepy sense to them with the dim light, the empty play equipment... nicely done!

  2. She looks sort of gray! And look! No trash bag, too! hehe!

    Enjoy your snow. lol!


  3. that's funny, have a good time this weekend Miss Hostess with the Mostest

  4. That is some crazy weather you're having! It looks reallllly cold too.

    Hope all is well. I've been swamped lately and just now catching up on my reading.

    Have a great week,

  5. Cold...I am so over cold, snowy, muddy weather! Ready for spring like I have never been before!


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