Monday, April 5, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

A lot of posts lately coming out of Flartopia, eh? That's because I feel like I'm about to dive in again, into a river of churning, fast-moving days which barely give me a chance to breathe. Tonight, at 6:00, I start another quarter of French 101.

That's not the only reason I'm expecting to feel overwhelmed. I'm actually already overwhelmed at work, putting in 10-hour shifts during the week, and going in on Saturdays for a half-day. Plus, it's just spring--time to turn my attention beyond the walls of the house. There's a lot to do and see out there, and the farmers' market starts back on its weekly schedule next Saturday.

Knowing this, and knowing that I was going to be spending Easter Sunday working at the restaurant with Miss Chef, I did what any self-aware procrastinator would do: took a vacation day for Monday. I figured I'd be pushing it to find time to prepare my syllabus and course materials for tonight, so I gave myself a break. And, I'm happy to say, I have not squandered it. By noon, I had prepared my course materials, watered the garden, walked the dog and vacuumed the house. (I wonder what men do on their days off?)

So now I have a few hours to do as I please, and I would like to share some of my springtime joy with you. Consider it a sort of last hurrah before I check out again for another week. Anyway, here are some pictures from my wanderings with Rosie. (As always, click on any of them for a closer view.)

One of our few returning tulips. This picture would be really beautiful if only I could figure out how to make it NOT POST SIDEWAYS, grumble grumble...

Japanese-variety magnolia on the way to the pond


red maple seeds

early leaves on a beech tree
I love their color, and the way the branches mimic the curves of the land behind.

First signs of life from the persimmon tree!
(Will it fruit again this year? Only time will tell...)

Back home, past our "mailbox garden."
Is this a uniquely American tradition, to landscape around one's mailbox? The creeping phlox was planted by a previous owner, and it is perfectly gorgeous this year!

Carolina jasmine, also thanks to previous owners

Rosie crashes after our walk in the hot sun.
She loves sleeping by the screen door, so she can check out the neighborhood activity.

Thanks for coming along. Hope to see you on the other side of the week!


  1. Enjoy your evening in French class!!

    Love the pics- I am so enjoying seeing Spring awaken all over the country through blogs! I have enjoyed the annual show in my own neighborhood- but this year I take great delight in seeing it across the country!

  2. Simply gorgeous blooms, Flar. So so pretty. I think I'm happier to see spring this year than ever before. Winter was almost my undoing!

    You'll get a kick out of this... A couple years ago I decided I was going to learn French {both my sisters are fluent}. I bought some tapes and dutifully listened to them and repeated. It was hard without a visual language to accompany the lingual. Sadly, I got bored and gave up.

    Last year I almost bought Rosetta Stone French. At over $500 for the course, I figured my money would be better spent on crepes. Howz about some lessons?

    And PS: You work way too hard chica. Good thing you're young. When you get my age all you want to do is drink wine.

  3. Liz, I've been enjoying it the other way--digging around in my garden, then coming inside to see pictures of SNOW in other states.

    Alix, for $500, find a cheap flight to Paris, or even Quebec. After that, the crepes will follow--and so will the wine (le vin; sounds like "van". There's your first lesson.) :)

  4. Spring has sprung at your house! WOW. It's gorgeous, especially the wisteria.... Love that.

    Hope your week is going good.

  5. Wow - as always, envious of your botanical bounty.

    I had some very minor landscaping done six years ago. The guy planted azaelas that he told me would bloom an orange color. Okay, whatever. They just bloomed for the first time EVER and they are your standard variety purple.


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