Sunday, April 18, 2010

Where's Flartus?

You know where I've been...working. Certainly not blogging; and sadly, not even commenting on your blog. (I have been reading my usual list, but haven't had the time or brainpower to spare on many comments. My apologies to you all, sincerely.)

However, there's a dim light at the end of the tunnel. Job #1 has started to slow down a little, and I finally got a new, more useful, textbook for my French course. Hopefully, that will cut down on preparation time for me...once I completely re-write my syllabus calendar (wheee, looking forward to that.)

But, most exciting of all: I actually got a Saturday off!! For the first time since February, I had the whole weekend away from the office. Of course, having had little time during the first part of the spring, I had a growing "to do" list. Which I've been doing. And since Miss Chef and I are supposed to be heading out the door soon, this post is going to consist solely of my "satisfaction" list.

Because this is what we got done:

Mowed the lawn
Cleaned up a week's worth of dishes
Took Rosie for her annual checkup
Farmers' market (only one this week)
Nap (just me)
Put the soaker hose in the garden
Planted the last of the garden (tomatoes and herbs)
Watered, watered, watered
Added some wire to the pea trellis
Pulled out a holly rootling I'd put in as an experiment 3 years ago, and planted it as a new shrub
Emptied and rinsed out one of our two rain barrels
Transplanted a houseplant
Put together Miss Chef's new compost bin from wood pallets
Emptied the compost tumbler and moved it
Dug a hole for a shrub Miss Chef bought yesterday at the farmers' market (mountain fire pieris)

There were probably one or two other little tasks we took care of, but I'm too tired to think much harder. Oh, yes, I almost forgot: picked THREE more radishes. Take that, you attempted radish thieves!

Oh, and when I was mowing the lawn, I scared Mama Robin away from the nest, and saw this:

The third egg mysteriously disappeared. So now we have twins! Shall we name them? :)


  1. I am soooo impressed and would like to mention that there is an opening for a gardener/general all-round capable person at my house! I would like to name the birds Jean-Luc and Marie-France because I am rather smitten with those double-barrelled French names. Assuming that our birds are a wee boy and a wee girl of course! ;-)

  2. What a list! Well done!!

    I actually just spent time (and money) on flowers and such. I now have flowers galore out front and in the wall my husband built last year. I also picked up a strawberry pot, strawberry plants, gerbera daisies for the pot... and, for when we get the veggie garden ready, brussels sprouts and banana peppers (my mom already started tomatoes for me).

    We have 1 winter farmer's market that i think is still open next weekend but it isn't convenient for us to get to it. But I think some of our other markets start opening in May...

    Flartus!! You should totally do a blog carnival linky thing- Saturdays at the Market. Have people visit their local Farmers Market, take pics, talk to the sellers, and then do a post about the experience! e-mail me if you wanna collaborate!

  3. Flartus has been busy! Be careful, or you're gonna wake up one day, be 53 yrs old (pointing to me), and wonder how you got there so fast.

  4. That is a lot to get done! I have always admired how much you two can get done when you work together. I think it is great. I have a hard time motivating my husband to go outside and help with gardening or lawn care type things and I always have just a little bit of envy for those couples that seem to work together so well and get so much accomplished without one having to nag! It shows in your beautiful yard and garden.

  5. Oh my goodness! And I thought I've been getting a lot done...and paying for it in aches and pains, too. gah!
    No wonder you've not had time for blogging. whew!
    Makes me appreciate the comments you've left for me even more. *smooch*

    Cool bird nest and birdlets, too.


  6. Ps And you asked how old Apache is. The Vet believes her to be between 10-13 yrs old.

    I bet she was a cute 2 yr old filly, though.



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