Saturday, June 26, 2010

Here They Come!

The tomatoes are finally ripening.

Sure, they're coming in slowly right now, taking their time.  But before we know it, we'll be awash in them, struggling to keep up and unable to keep count anymore.

Kind of like birthdays, huh?

The cayennes have already passed the "oh, how cute!" stage.  They're hanging off the tiny foot-high plants like beans. 

(You'll have to excuse my overexposed pictures; it's been awfully sunny around here!)

No point in counting anymore; might as well just enjoy the plenitude.

Here's a bit of what I've been enjoying so far on this Big Birthday Weekend:

  • More of my favorite blue flowers greeted me as I left for work on Friday morning.

  • A coworker brought me a piece of cake--plus one to share with Miss Chef.

  • My brother called all the way from London to wish me a happy birthday.  Now I have to figure out how Skype works before the rest of the family follows him there.

  • Miss Chef and I enjoyed another mind- and gut-busting meal at Passion8.  I finally got to have stuffed zucchini blossoms!  Verdict: yummo.

  • My nephews called to sing me happy birthday, and inform me they'd gone to see Karate Kid "in your honor."  See why I need to get Skyped?  (Skypey?  Skype-alicious?)

  • Michele of Bosky Acres shouted "Happy Birthday" across the market this morning, making me feel popular--but then followed it up with "old lady!"

  • Natalie of Grateful Growers, hearing it was my birthday, gave us a discount on our brats.  Score!

  • I gave myself the gift of time to (mostly) finish weeding the garden.  Then I made Miss Chef go outside and admire it.

  • Right now, Miss Chef is whipping up a decadently non-local, non-organic, Michael-Pollan-unapproved mystery birthday cake.  It seems to involve a box of chocolate cake mix, marshmallow fluff and cream cheese*.

Above all, I shall continue to enjoy the fruits of our labors.  It's summer, and the living is good.

left to right: sungold cherry 'maters for salad, multitudes of basil for pesto, and blackberries for...well, they don't need a reason.  They're blackberries.

*Correction: Miss Chef has just informed me that the cream cheese and marshmallow fluff are for a fruit dip.  The cake mix is for the cake.  I told her I was a bit disappointed.  But chocolate will make it all better.


  1. Well, Happy Birthday!!!! Cake sounds yummy.... and I love the pictures of all the growth. I'm a couple of weeks behind you.

    By the way, my pole beans are quite grateful for your recommendation of what they are- they are growing up the poles with great joy!!

  2. Happy birthday you! I, too, liked the sound of the cream cheese and marshmallows being part of the cake, but hey, I'm sure the cake was just delicious anyway! Love the look of your veges - says she writing from the middle of winter. :-)

  3. Happy Birthday, Flatus. When you get the Skype going, we'll chat that way with ya.

  4. Ooo, Ooo, a birthday! Happy birthday weekend, Flartus!! I love that your crops are coming in for you. It's been many years since I was able to pick fresh fruits and veggies from a garden - although in CA it seemed that the most prolific were the zuchini plants!

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    I love the new look of your blog, maybe it isn't so new? I have not been able to visit my favorite blogs lately because of internet service problems and I have missed yours! You and Miss Chef are probably going to want to kick my butt...but (butt..but?) we used to have lots of wild blackberries growing out in the pastures but had to make room for hay and the goats finished off the large patch beside the pond. Now I kind of wish I would have saved some of them!

  6. Okay, on my way with a salt shaker! :) There is nothing better than fesh, homegrown tomatoes. :)


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