Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hot Blog! A Giveaway!

Whoo-whee, it's about time for another giveaway!  Here's your chance to get on my Christmas gift list!

Yup, you asked, and I'm giving.  One lucky reader will be receiving a prize package straight from Flartopia's kitchen.  It will include a selection of herbs and spice as featured in my last post, along with a few other goodies.  (Since we're still putting stuff up, I'm not sure yet what we'll finish up with.  Prepare to be surprised!)

I'm not much into drawings and don't feel like using a randomizer, so y'all are gonna have to earn this prize.  :grin:  Don't worry, you don't have to do calisthenics or race across the globe in search of clues.  (Though that is a good idea, isn't it?)

While it may seem a bit random to have a holiday-gift drawing in September, the timing of this giveaway is quite deliberate.  I'm actually doing this to celebrate something here in Flartopia.  So that's what you have to do to enter: leave a comment with your answer to What is Flartus commemorating?

This contest is open until midnight Friday (Eastern Daylight Time, if you wanna get picky).  If nobody guesses it by then, I'll post a hint over the weekend.  Yes, overseas readers are eligible!  Just remember, these pantry products are being prepared for the Christmas holidays, so it may take a month or two before everything's ready to send to you.

But it's worth waiting for, right?


  1. Okay, I give up (but I still wanna WIN)! I've really had fun looking back thru your archives trying to figure out the answer tho! Your garden goodies are gorgeous!

  2. Wow, those peppers and herbs are beautiful! I'm going to keep my guess simple: you're commemorating the concurrence of the autumnal equinox and the harvest moon?

  3. 200th post and the discovery of Beano? LOL No clue but still love reading. Good Morning, Mal

  4. Dang it, I'm stumped. The only thing I can think of is that you're commemorating two years of blogging?

    I might have to wait for the hint you post over the weekend...

  5. I would like to pass on a blog award to you. Just stop by mine to pick it up; if interested.


  6. When Bossy Betty started following you a year ago?

  7. First thought was how long you and Miss Chef have been together. Second was, something having to do with your garden ( canning, herbs, varieties). Hmmmmm.
    The anticiaption of it all!! :)

  8. You are honoring Rosie? It's her birthday or when you adopted her?

  9. Celebrating-- Hmmm, how about an anniversary????
    I have no idea but i'd reallllly love to win. I'll be watching for a clue.
    Cheers, jj

  10. How long you've known ME!!! Yes? No...? Hmmmmm...

    Rosie's birthday or how long you've had her?

    Something with teaching?

    How long Miss Chef has worked a certain place?

    The end of Farmer's Market season?

  11. I'll go with Mexican Independence Day, albeit a few days late.


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