Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Kitten Pics

I am totally supposed to be lesson planning!

Just a handful of kitten

Hi there, little one.
(Look at those teeny white toes!)

Off to explore, brb.


  1. It's hard not to fall in love with that little fur ball. Do you know Alix at Casa Hice? She's doing the same thing...

    Hope you guys are getting some sleep.

  2. Oh, too precious! I'm sorry I wasn't sympathetic about how much work it is to raise a tiny kitten in your last post. I was just excited to see the fluffball, and I forgot that some people like to sleep at night.

  3. I LOVE gray kittens, is it a she?
    TEMPORARY? come on.

    For several weeks I bottle feed a kitten, don't forget to wipe her butt with a warm, wet, wash cloth, like MamaCat would with her sandpaper tongue, helps to poop. At first, I brought the kitten to work with me in the pocket of my Tshirt, later on in a laundry basket with a heating pad.

    Good luck!

  4. You do know that grey kitties with little white toes grow up to be magnificent beasties, don't you? You're sunk, better think of a good name.

  5. Still a temporary situation, sweetpea? Wake up and smell the littler! You've got a new baby!

  6. Oh... those little white paws would just do me in!!!

  7. And... my friend Christy just recently lost her cat of 15 years that was named Maybe. As in "maybe I'll keep her."

  8. Still temporary huh? Me thinks you have a permanent part of the family! She is adorable. Just look at her sweet face. Any name picked out yet? Hope Rosie is doing better with her.

  9. You all are just bound and determined to make me eat my words, huh? lol!

    Fact is, we've got a friend who lost her cat last year that she'd had from a kitten, and has been wanting another cat. If she gets the ok from her landlord, she's going to take our little stinker. Which would be a nice way to be able to watch her grow up.

    The other fact is, I do have a name in mind for her, but I'm not revealing it to anybody until someone officially adopts her.

    And then there's the fact that Miss Chef is definitely falling for the kitten...but she's more paranoid than I am about Rosie licking her chops every time she mews! ('s kind of creepy, though I think it has as much to do with the smell of KMR as the kitten herself.)

    So. We shall see. Thanks for all the nudges, though...I'd be saying the same stuff, in your shoes!

    (My word verification is "lumples." That would be a good name, too...)

  10. Awww...what a precious, cute kitten.

  11. News flash! I just made your tangerine glazed pumpkin cookies, and they came out perfect! That's saying a lot - we live at 6,800', and it usually takes about 3 tries to get a new recipe adjusted, so I am very happy! Yum. Oh, and I found the 5 spice powder at Whole Foods in the bulk spice section.

  12. Yes, I can see you're in trouble, but what happy trouble! And if it turns out your friend is the best home for this wee one, that's great too. No matter how this part of the story ends, this little abandoned fluff-ball was saved! Yay!

  13. Terra is a goner! What great pictures! Marni and I are cooing from afar. We're headed to Nancy's for the weekend,but I will be home monday/Tuesday... Maybe I can do an afternoon feeding if you need?

    She is adorable!

  14. Oh my goodness! She's so fuzzy and tiny!
    You must find it impossible to ever want to leave the house with that much cuteness inside! hehe!



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