Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Make a Rosie: the Recipe & Winner

Normally I like to write all kinds of "drumroll please" distraction before revealing winners of my giveaways, but Flartus has a ton of housework to do, so let's get to it!

First, the recipe to make a Rosie, as determined by BioPet Vet Lab:

I may have Photoshopped my name just a little...

I'm assuming "collie" means "border collie," pretty much because I want to, because it makes sense, and because it makes more of your guesses right!  So I feel that all my guesses over the past four years were correct...with a little Siberian Husky thrown in for a surprise.  ("Level 5" means she's less than 10% golden; a little dash of golden makes every mutt better, right?  Oh, and I'm not shilling for BioPet, that just happens to be what Miss Chef got me, and in case anyone's interested, I think it cost about $60.  Which is why I waited four years before deciding I really wanted to know!)

I have to mention that I had to google "flat coated retriever," and for all those who guessed that breed, I'd like to say, "Holy cow, my Rosie's a purebred!"  Lol!  In fact, Rosie's a bit stockier, with a shorter nose, and parts of her coat are a bit fluffier and coarser, but in general her coat, appearance and temperament are amazingly similar.  Well done, dog lovers!  Unfortunately, BioPet doesn't include that breed in their testing, and since they're so rare, I have serious doubts that Rosie can claim any as parents.

So that leaves me with three people who named three breeds correctly (according to BioPet, anyway): Joanna of BooneDocksWilcox, Dillypoo of Dillypoo Chatter, and Claire the Sheperdess of Whispering Acres.  How to choose?  Of course, I had to involve Dame Rosie somehow.  And why not make it fun, eh?

A little cardstock rolled around a bit of liver I got to test out Rosie's "sit" and "stay."  Which she performed admirably, thank you very much.  And then the release!

Actually, she only sniffed this one as she walked toward me.  It was only after I toppled the tubes and lay them next to the treats that she finally went after them...but she went after the same one, so it looks like Claire's definitely the winner!

Congratulations, Claire, and let's see if I can get this book to you in time to enjoy while you're snowed in!


  1. I still think there's a bit of Teddy bear in Rosie!

  2. LOL for that entire post. I'm not a big dog person even though I have one that I absolutely love and adore. He's my buddy. He's an Italian Greyhound and ULTRA cuddly. I must admit though that he's my first dog... ever. His name is Dasher. We got him from some friends who had named him Prancer. We renamed him because he sounded too gay. ;-)

  3. Oooooooooooo! I won! How excitipating! Lucky Nickel is very excited too. She wants to do a genetic test. I don't think they do it for goats. And my greyhound is just a greyhound so no fun there. Well gosh, I'm really looking forward to the book. It sounds fab. Thanks so much Rosie! You know how to pick those liver treats! And to Flartus for a great give-away idea!

  4. And all those breeds make up one beautiful Flartopian!

    Congrats to the winner!


  5. U just crack me up! Thanks for the smile.


  6. Well done, Rosie! Congrats to Claire! And thanks, Flartus, that was fun.

  7. congratulations Clair. Rosie, no surprise, you have a lot of good breeds in ya honey.

  8. Chow Chow, collie, lab, husky and golden retriever...that's just what I was going to guess!

    Not really. I was clueless. But I am delighted that Rosie is such an interesting and unique mix - one of a kind, I would say!

  9. Congratulations to Claire!
    Happy weekend, jj

  10. Congratulations, Claire!

    Wow, there are a lot of ingredients in Rosie. Very cool. I would love to do this for the girls sometime.

  11. OK, OK, I didn't win, but I did get the fireworks, so that's OK! Congrats to Claire!

  12. Yay Rosie! Boy was I way off. Oh well,, maybe I'll consider even more breed combos next time I'm looking at Petfinder. Rosie's a wonderful design!


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