Sunday, December 18, 2011

Change of Scenery

My last two vacation days--hoarded carefully after that big splurge on our Big Trip this summer--are dedicated to time with family.  I'm visiting my parents at their home on Jekyll Island.  No white Christmases here.  In fact, the bradford pear trees are acting like it's barely October!

We've got other exciting events, besides the impending holidays.  Rosie is with me, and today this old dog learned some new tricks.  Today was Rosie's first trip to the beach.

First she had to learn about water that moves.

Yes, that was Rosie's very first encounter with the ocean.  As you can see, she was a bit nervous about it at first, but not skittish at all.  As we walked along for the first while, she preferred to head upland to the dunes for sniffing.

After she'd had some time to get used to the idea, she had no problem heading to the water's edge--but only if there were something worthwhile there, like intriguing shells or skittering sanderlings.  Otherwise, the dry sand was her preferred environment. You'd never know she's got lab in her!

Regardless, you know I had to stop and snap a few photos of Rosie's first beachwalk.

Then, of course, I got distracted by the beach itself.

Did you notice Rosie's tail?

There are tons of dead trees waiting to become driftwood...

...shadows and sand...

...and some surprisingly sensuous curves!

I love the equilibrium of the branches and exposed roots of this tree.

There's a very different environment back from the beach, one of live oaks draped with Spanish moss.  It's much more pleasant at 60 degrees than at 90 degrees and 98% gnat swarms.

Unfortunately for you, it's difficult to capture the effects of the light coming through the moss-draped limbs.  It's much less glare-y in person  All these are straight-out-of-camera, since I'm on my folks' computer; if I have time when I get home I might try to adjust the contrast.

And then just before we turned down the street into my parents' neighborhood, a bonus shot!

We are in a butterfly migration zone (betcha didn't know there was such a thing, did you?  Except Rebecca, of course.)  Normally you can see tons of butterflies coming through in March and November.  This seems very late to be seeing so many.  Climate change?  Anyway, I don't know what kind of butterfly this is, but I can tell you it's sitting on a lantana flower.

Hope you all are enjoying a calm, stress-free weekend before the holidays wash over us.


  1. I remember Frankie's first encounter with the salt water of the ocean - he was very familiar with Lake Ontario water, and used to going to the eater's edge to get a drink when he was thirsty or when his B-A-L-L needed washing. So the salt water was a bit of an unpleasant surprise! Now he's used to it, but he's like Rosie in that he's not a fan of swimming, just wading when the conditions are right!

  2. Beautiful photos, Miss Flartus. And that video really shows off Rosie's tail. I didn't know it was so full and lovely.
    Have a great visit.

  3. I love moss in trees. I saw a lot of that in some areas of FL. We stayed in an RV park that had more oaks than palm trees and it created a gorgeous canopy.

  4. Enjoy your visit. Jekyll is a beautiful place to enjoy the beach and the Live Oaks! I've camped there several times with my family. They have very smart raccoons who have learned to open ice chests to help themselves to dinner!
    I love your pictures of Rosie. She really looked like she enjoyed the beach!

    (Hey, my word verification is in honor of Rosie. It's "shodog"!)

  5. Oh, lucky you and lucky Rosie. Enjoy and have fun with your folks.

  6. This looks like a gorgeous place to vacation. And I think you did a great job capturing the trees and moss. It's beautiful.

    WIshing you and yours a wonderful holiday. Enjoy.
    xo jj

  7. Good thing we don't have butterflies flying through New Mexico right now. They'd be knocked out by snow and then freeze solid.
    The photos in this posts are gorgeous! I especially like the one of Rosie at the beach and the tree with exposed roots. wow!
    I sure do miss the beach sometimes. I hope one day to ride my horse beside the ocean, too.
    But for now we're stuck in the snow drifts. lol!

    Just wanted to say....Merry Christmas from Lisa and the entire herd at the Laughing Orca Ranch!!


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