Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Snaps

Miss Chef pointed out to me earlier today that I hadn’t posted anything new since Thanksgiving.  “I’ve been sick,” I told her.  But the real truth is, I haven’t been inspired by anything.  New new donkey sightings.  Few Rosie walks.  And the whole Thanksgiving holiday wiped me out, so no deep, philosophical musings.

So all you get today is what I’ve found in my camera.  This first one isn’t very holiday-y at all (unless you’ve been doing some baking, in which case I say, “Send me some!”)  I finally ended up with a single grocery-store egg and a single local egg in a bowl together.  I don’t have to tell you which is which, do I?



That was for the buttermilk pancakes I made while my parents were visiting.  That was the same day that Miss Chef and I went and bought our Christmas tree.  I suppose it’s not very environmentally friendly to chop down a living tree every year, but I’m not sure which is worse, that or buying a petroleum based artificial one.  Tradition wins out here.

We also bought a real wreath, which I decorated with berries from our otherwise annoying nandina plants.

xmas 01


After this picture, I realized that the storm door couldn’t close all the way with this fat shrub in the way.  More importantly, the door hid the wreath, so now it’s strung up outside the storm door.

I had to wait until the next day for Miss Chef to help me put the lights up on the tree.  My parents offered to help, but Miss Chef and I have developed a method to passing the lights back and forth around the tree.  It eliminates a lot of potential fractiousness, which seems to be the theme of Christmas lights.  I did allow them to help with the ornaments, though!

xmas 02

We went with a blue, silver and white theme this year.  Looks like we could use some more blue ornaments.  Not that I really want any more ornaments to lug in and out of the storage closet!

It wasn’t until yesterday that I had a chance to set up the train and Christmastown underneath the tree.  Here’s a shot of Main Street, leading to the farm at the end of the block.



The old farmhouse has seen better times…I half expect Dorothy to come wandering out in a daze.  Looks like Uncle Henry got himself a new truck, though.



A shot of the barnyard.  The cows don’t seem to mind the caboose rolling by.



For the first time since moving in, we finally got some lights on the outside of the house!  Not many, but enough to shout our defiance in the face of the longest nights of the year.  Here’s to light and hope, and the cycles of life that start forever anew.



  1. Loved the egg comparison shot. My mom is here visiting and we had fun doing a taste test for her of store-bought chicken egg versus MBF duck egg. I'm positive you know which won. :)

    LOVE the shots of Christmastown. LOL at your comments about the farmhouse and Uncle Henry's truck. :D And the cows and the caboose. :D

    You're totally getting into the Christmas spirit!

  2. I love Christmas town! We have a little Christmas village too, and I'm sure it will come as no surprise to hear that there is an abundance of horse drawn vehicles in our village.

  3. Flartus, love your Christmas village. Your home looks great too.

  4. Your photos of the Christmas village were cute. One of the windows is broken on the farm house so perhaps it should be boarded? By the looks of it, it can be used in a Halloween village too. My verification word is: grave

  5. Thanks for the dose of holiday spirit!
    Your pictures certainly show the warmth of the season!

  6. Our summer chicks are finally laying for us and we are getting between 5-8 eggs a day. I was getting worried in early Fall that we might have to buy store bought because our older hens had really slacked off on egg producution. But thankfully, we've not had to buy those icky factory farm eggs in over 4 years now and we have enough for our holiday baking and our green chile breakfast burritos, too.

    I like your holiday decorations. Fancy schmancy tree and wreath.


  7. The photos of Christmastown are amazing - I feel like I shrunk down to toy size myself, and went wandering down the streets of your little village!

  8. I love the photo looking down main street. Makes me feel like I'm sitting inside your railroad town.

  9. I love miniatures, so this post makes me happy :) Must try that passing the lights thing with my SO this year; sounds like a good plan.


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