Friday, July 20, 2012

Miss Chef is Crazy


Country road on the way to Baucom’s Best Farm several weeks back.


I have a feeling if I go back through my archives, I’ll find at least one other blog entry with this title.  But no matter, reviewing material only helps drive the point home.

I just have to share Miss Chef’s schedule this weekend.  Part of the problem is that it’s the beginning of Queen’s Feast, Charlotte’s biannual restaurant week.  I’ve posted a summary of the experience here, if you care to review for this review (skip to after the 3rd picture).

Ok, so Miss Chef’s crazy schedule started Thursday:


7:30 am – 2 pm: Teach / serve at the school-run restaurant

2pm – 5 pm: wait for a delivery from a farmer who never came.  Miss out on the chance for a nap at home.

6 pm – 2-something am: Sit through the three recent Batman movies back-to-back in the company of two students and about 40 other nutcases rabid fans.  (Also, be very blessed that you did not do this in Aurora Colorado.  My blood ran cold when I heard the news this morning, even though Miss Chef lay five feet away from me, snoring her little heart out.)


3 am – 7 am: sleep

8 am – 2 pm: Drive two hours to Asheville to pig up pork belly from Hickory Nut Gap Farm (see note above re: unreliable local farms), return to school, store, change, go to other restaurant.

2:18 pm: Call your worried spouse to assure her you did not fall asleep on the highway

2 pm – ??midnight??: Work.  50-some on the books when you walk in, more guaranteed to show up.


??? – 6:30 am: Sleep.

7:30 am – ??noon??: Assist Chef Bonaparte with the Matthews Community Farmers Market annual Corn Roast.  (I will also be there, shucking my little heart out.  Maybe I’ll get some free corn, who knows?)

2 pm – ??midnight??: Work.  Probably even busier than Friday night


Recover.  Homework.  Appreciate your wife not expecting a whole lot from this one day off you have together.  Understand this offer is only good during Queen’s Feast, at which point re-negotations will be scheduled.


And now…remember that beer?  No, we haven’t tasted it yet.  But I did come up with this:



I think I’ve been influenced by Jenna Woginrich at Cold Antler Farm!  But Miss Chef likes it, which is all I was looking for.  Then again…do I really want to depend on the opinion of a crazy woman??


  1. That is one brutal schedule ... and your label is so excellent!

    1. At least it's short-term. Glad you like the label. Gonna wait to taste the beer before I decide if it's worth doing the other 40 bottles!

  2. Love the beer label! Hate the schedule! I'm exhausted just reading about it...

    1. She's still in her early thirties. She'll slow down soon...we can hope. :)

  3. Great label!
    Poor Miss Chef! Poor you too.

    1. Nah, it's not that bad--it's only one weekend! She'll get a bit of a break during the week.

  4. I like the label. Did you draw that out.

    1. Oh no, that was clip art, all the way. Though I was looking at Rosie all sprawled out on the floor last night, and noticed a vague resemblance.


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