Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lilliput in the Garden

I’m sort of in between crops, now that the lettuce has bolted and the broccoli and peas are taking their sweet time growing.  So every day finds me inspecting the plants quite closely, nose right down under the leaves, looking for the first signs of fruition.  And this week they are here!

Of course, they are so small, I had a bit of trouble getting them in focus.  The first tiny pea pods are emerging from the wilted flowers.



After I harvested the first head of broccoli, the other plants finally seemed to realize what their purpose on Earth is, and all revealed their tightly-packed buds to me on the same day.


Miss Chef’s cayennes are emerging, also.



We already have tiny green blackberries forming.



And I’ve been pleasantly surprised that some of the cilantro seeds I sort of threw in the dirt as an afterthought have actually emerged and put up their first miniature leaves.



But most amazing to me is the sungold cherry tomato plant, which looks poised to bury us in sweet little orbs before too long.


Did you spot all four of them in that picture?  Seeing this so early in the season, I was very happy that I have an outlet with Friendship Gardens for all the extra tomatoes Miss Chef and I will not be able to eat.

Oh, and while I was thinking small, I dug out some of our Christmas train d├ęcor and got down and dirty in the carrot patch again.

Garden 05 (13)

I think these HO-sized figurines are a bit too small, to be honest.  I call this one “Bringing in the Herd.”


Garden 05 (15)

I had a name for this one, but I forget what it was.  There ya go, jenny_o!

Oh, and I’m making my first steps in my new writing career.  I’ve had an informal meeting with an editor for a local independent paper for potential blog work, and I’ve written my first, brief post on my own new food-centric blog.  You can read it here.  It’ll be a familiar theme for anyone who’s been reading along for a while


  1. Your garden is producing already! Yay!
    Cute article.

    1. Thanks, Terry. I'm practically rubbing my hands together watching the peas start to form.

  2. Awwwwwww :) Thanks, Alison! I was wondering what you would find to use in a miniature scene. Now I know!

    The miniature produce is just as cute. I LOVE baby pea pods! They are so crisp and green and tender looking. I've never seen a baby broccoli before - if you're so inclined, I'd love to see another shot before it's fully grown.

    1. Wow, not only are you up for the Best Blog Reader award for following me over to Amuse Bouche, but you can be my writing muse, too. Or photography, which on this blog amounts to the same thing, lol.

  3. Replies
    1. Ha, real farmers are already harvesting theirs! Temperatures are getting ready to rise, and I'm afraid the season will be over before it starts.

  4. Oh! I love the horses in the garden! This unleashes a whole storm of potential activity in my head and it is all your fault.

  5. Congrats on the writing. I'm glad you have something going so you don't spend your free time playing with toys in the garden.


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