Friday, January 8, 2010

Back Home

I snuck out on you...did you notice?

Last Saturday Miss Chef and I ventured north, to visit family. Back now to the sunny (but still cold) climes of North Carolina, I am in the midst of unpacking and laundering, as well as uploading and reviewing photos. So I'm not letting myself get sucked into what will undoubtedly be a fairly long-winded description of our trip--not now, not yet. But I did want to just poke my head up, say hello, and share this quick snapshot to help you figure out where I've been all week.

Now, back to the washer and dryer! See you all soon...


  1. I LOVE NEW YORK!!!! I can hear Sinatra singing your song.

    Hope it was a blast.

  2. First- Happy New Year!

    Second- I hope it was a third trip!

    Third- Welcome Home!!!

  3. About time! And, see, I did miss you!

    Nancy in frozen Iowa

  4. Glad you're home again and had a great time, too.

    My best friend went to college at Barnard and then worked in NYC for several years. I loved to fly up from MD and visit her every few months. We'd have such a blast, walking, riding the subway, staying up late eating great food in many different restaurants, and hanging out in her tint studio apt that faced a brick wall and a shelf covered with roosting pigeons (rats with wings! lol!)

    Ahhhhh, those were the days!



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