Friday, January 29, 2010

Books and weather

Miss Chef's nightstand. I've been wanting to take a picture of this for a while; it really shows how all-encompassing her passion is for her work. Click on it to biggerize it, if you want to read all the titles!


OMIGOD IT'S SNOWING! EVERYBODY PANIC!! We're in the pipeline for a winter storm which promises to drop several inches of...something. Charlotte sits right at the intersection of snow and rain around here, which usually means rain. But sometimes it means ice, black ice. Having learned to drive in the snow belt, I used to scoff at the locals for being scared of driving in the snow. But then I realized that Charlotte doesn't have the equipment to keep up with the snow, and that swinging temperatures are more dangerous than steady below-freezing. So I take it a little more seriously now. I still catch myself hollering, "Oh, come ON, it's just WET!" from time to time.

Anyway, it was snowing great juicy flakes when I left work this afternoon, but like a moron, I had to go to the grocery store (with all the other morons). We really were out of milk, honest! And since Miss Chef will have to go out in this mess tomorrow before it's finished messing, I wanted her to be able to have a nice hot bowl of oatmeal. So there I stood, with the other panic-stricken lemmings, in the slowest checkout line in the world, wishing I could just be home to play in the snow. I did, however, get sucked in by a sample offering in the back of the store---of WINE! I've never seen wine samples offered in a grocery store. I figured a nice cheap malbec would help me weather the storm. As a bonus, I got carded at checkout!

I was very excited about getting home and taking Rosie out for a snowy walk, but by the time I got there, it had stopped snowing. Figures. Good thing I had that malbec to comfort myself with. I'm hoping tomorrow to wake up to at least some white stuff on the ground. It's hard to sleep with my fingers crossed, though.

Well, I'm gonna check one more time to see if it's snowing, then I'm gonna pour another glass of wine and give Rosie some attention. Happy weekend everybody!

Update: Saturday morning

This one's fuzzy, but it has Rosie in it.

Some leftover Christmas decorations.

This last one is sideways...sometimes Blogger gives me fits....

Rosie--of the long double coat--ate so much snow she started shivering. Miss Chef took her inside, wrapped her up in a towel and pet her until she stopped. Silly dog!


  1. I love messy nightstands that are chocked full of books and stuff, especially if they are about FOOD.

    Don't ever get behind me in a grocery store line, I'm not the one holding up the line, but I'm magnetized to the people who need price checks, short of money, haggling prices, and those who came to socialize with the checkout clerk. I don't care how long the other lines are, do not get behind me in a grocery store line.

    It is 12:30AM, the snow is coming down fairly steady, fine flakes, you know what they say about the big flakes, I'll blog about snow totals tomorrow (later today actually). Mike just stuck his head out the door to check on the snow, "she's a laying her down out thar now."

  2. So there I stood, with the other panic-stricken lemmings, in the slowest checkout line in the world, wishing I could just be home to play in the snow.

    That was priceless.

    First of all, I LOVE Miss Chef. She has zero time to read, but look at that book stack! That's ambition, baby. And I love YOU for being such a good wife and taking care of business even when you have to deal with lemmings. LOL. The wine was your reward. And btw... Malbec is awesome! I'm sure it tastes even better when you've had to show your credentials for it. Life's just good that way sometimes.

    Happy snow day! Stay safe!

  3. I'm soooo glad you North Carolinians are getting snow! My sister is hunkered down north of Asheville, but I'm cozy with just frigid temps and the same old frozen snow mounds from several weeks ago! I know what your swinging temps can do, though - I was in Atlanta for most of 36 years. Here it dumped snow on us, froze, and has stayed that way. I think it's up to 11 degrees by now.

    Stay warm, stay powered, and have some gourmet hot chocolate with that wine! (or not)
    Nancy in Iowa

  4. Nancy, how about real popcorn for lunch, followed by fireplace s'mores? Maybe we'll save the hot chocolate for after dinner!

    Joanna, thanks for Mike's report in authentic Mountain Man! I said to Miss Chef this morning, "I don't know if it's rain or snow, but there's a whole lot of something coming out of the sky."

    Alix, the Malbec was actually so-so. But I'll try the rest of the bottle tonight, just to make sure. :)

  5. Malbec is my wine of choice!! I was introduced to it with Layer Cake (procured from Trader Joe's). I picked up a bottle of Little Chica Malbec from Super Target the other night- Christy and I ended up drinking the whole bottle last night! It was quite good. But some of the best is a $3 bottle that comes from Sam's Club. Since I don't shop there (the whole WalMart thing), I've not purchased it. But I've been at gatherings and had it and it's pretty darn good.

    I'm one of those weirdos that likes snow and cold. I just like winter!

  6. Love the books on the nightstand. so many are food related-- my fave kind.

    That snow looks cold, I'd be shivering too. "Big juicy snow flakes" is the perfect way to describe them. I know exactly the kind you mean :-)

    Have a good week.

  7. I have a friend in Vermont that gets a laugh when I complain about a foot of snow but that is quite a bit for around here at one time. We still have snow on the ground from the last storm, I am so ready for spring!


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