Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blog Award

So there I was, the other day, checking out the latest fabulousness at Not So Humble Pie. Not surprisingly, Ms. Humble had been awarded the Sugar Doll Award, and was, as usual, being quite amusing as she listed 10 facts about herself.

Then, to my utter amazement, she went and included me on the list of award nominees!

I've only been reading that blog for a few weeks, and have commented only a handful of times. So I surely was stunned to be plucked from the crowd, as it were, not to mention more flattered than a USO starlet visiting the troops.

Well, it's up to me now to carry the flag, I suppose. In relating ten things about myself, I'm guessing it should be ten things y'all don't already know...which may be difficult. So let's see...

1. I consider myself lazy, and those close to me won't disagree. Given my druthers, I'd spend all my free time reading and/or eating.

2. I'm quite short, about 5' 2" on a low-gravity day. Though some people have told me they don't consider me short, due to my overbearingwhelming personality. Ta!

3. I once got into an argument with a Russian Embassy guard in Paris--and won! He was bigger, but my French was better.

4. I'm not a morning person. However, since I'm forced to rise before dawn for work, I'm usually ready to head to bed by 9:30 these days. It seems I have a very limited productive period.

5. Even after having lived in France for two years, I neither smoke nor drink coffee.

6. I don't like most seafood, or any type of blue cheese. My favorite food group is starch.

7. I can tell the difference in odor between cow dung and horse dung. And I'm quietly proud of it.

8. In addition to being fluent in French, I'm uncomfortably conversational in Spanish, and have briefly studied Latin, German and Russian. Don't ask me to understand any of those last three, though.

9. I was a leading member of a comedy improv troupe in college, and will always and forever miss that whole experience. We even did a workshop with Martin DeMaat of Second City in Chicago (and if you don't know the name, trust me...he was gooooood.)

10. I completed all the coursework for a PhD in French linguistics, then left before taking the exams. To my surprise, I have never once regretted this decision. My parents, ten years later, still occasionally ask me about finishing my degree.

Wow...that was more fun and eye-opening than I expected! Ok, well, the next part here is where I shall once again come up short. I'm supposed to nominate 10 other bloggers for this award. But since the only details I know about this award is that it's "food related," and I'm not even sure that that's accurate...well, I'm not gonna do it. Because I don't read many food-focused blogs, and all of you have posted about some veeerrrry interesting dishes on occasion, so really, every blog I read is as qualified as every other.

Sorry to drop the ball like that...but, on the other hand, I guess that makes you all nominees! So, if you need an excuse to share some random details about yourself, then grab the award icon and have at it!


  1. I am crushed about your dislike of blue cheese!!!

    My husband can pick out pig dung very easily.

    I have always been impressed by and envious of people who fluently speak multiple languages. You are a smarty pants!!

  2. talking about seafood - I like good ole cod/whitefish and crab about as good as anything. I like shrimp flavor but I'd don't care to eat shrimp, it's the texture that bothers me.

    However, I've never had the opportunity to eat top-quality seafood so if I did, I just may change my mind. All of it that I've eaten was likely overcooked.

  3. Great job on your list and congrats on your award.

    I don't drink coffee either but I LOVE blue cheese.

    Hope your weekend is great.



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