Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bonus Kitten Update

Because I haven't posted enough already, amiright?

We are making lots of progress here!  First, Kitty (gah!  She needs a name already!) is using the litter box!  Hooray!  Previously, we had to wipe her nether regions with some damp tissue, as she wriggled and mewed over the sink, digging her claws into my wrist in an attempt to escape.  The resulting stench was, to say the least, unpleasant.

Today, Kitty is taking care of her own stench, thank you very much.  Much less piteous mewing these days.

Also, there's this.

Yes!  At least around us, Rosie has completely controlled her prey instincts.  She's a bit uncomfortable with it all, but she does allow the kitten to attack her feet and tail--which is amazing, considering she often won't let me touch her tail.  I even have a cute video of kitty being all fierce and Rosie being all bemused, but after 3 hours, it still wouldn't finish loading.  Sorry, folks, but Blogger's taken enough of my time today.


  1. Yes! I told you Rosie would come around! (don't you just love know-it-alls?)

    Kitty is adorable. So glad she's thriving and you don't have to wait on her hand and foot and, um, elsewhere.

  2. Oh my. That first picture just made me melt. She's such a cutie. And that second picture - well, would you look at that. Kitty and Rosie have both made incredible progress in such a short period of time! Must be the wonderful parenting you're providing. :)

  3. Rosie is a very good girl to put up with the kitten so well. I think that, for that, she deserves a blog post all her own!

  4. Oh, Louise, what a great idea. Takes some responsibility off my shoulders, if I turn the blog over to her for a day. Hmm...

  5. but Kitty is still going to a new home? I'm proud of Rosie, she's laerning to love the new baby in the house.

  6. What an adorable kitten, I used to have a grey cat like that. It is my favorite color for a cat. Glad to hear Rosie is starting to accept the new kitten.


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