Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank Dog

Hi visitors to Flartopia.  This is Rosie.  That's me in the picture.  I don't have the camera, so I found this old picture of me on the computer.  Sorry about the eye glare, but I was kind of excited about maybe getting a treat when this was taken.

So Mommy #1 has been all kinds of crazy the last few days.  She's been mumbling something about thanks and giving and pies and turkey.  All I know is that the Other Dog's people came Tuesday night, this time without the Other Dog (he doesn't live with them anymore, 'cause he left on a trip over a bridge).  So it's nice to have more people, because there are more hands to pet me and they really like to share their food with me.  I didn't like the Other Dog very much, but I have to admit he did train his people pretty well.

The other thing those People have been up to is making the kitchen smell really, really good.  The Lady spent all day yesterday in the kitchen baking pies.  When Mommy #1 came home from work last night, she said she could smell them outside!  She looked at the counter and said there's a pecan, an apple and two pumpkin.  I only ever saw one pumpkin, and I watched that one get all mooshed up, so I'm not sure where the other one went.

Anyway, Mommy #1 is taking her People and their pies to somewhere else for their afternoon yummers today, and Mommy #2 left yesterday on a really long car ride.  As usual, the dog gets left at home.  How fair is that?  I mean, they are making LOTS of food for this big yummers, and do you think they're going to eat it all?  No, they will complain about being "too full," and then make a big fuss about fitting what's left in the tall winter box.  Why don't they invite me?  Then they won't have to fit anything in the box.

Humans don't make any sense.

Since I am bored and alone, and already checked the counters for treats (why can't they just put them on the floor, instead of making me stretch?), I thought I would see what Mommy #1 is always doing with this inside window thing.  It looks like she is sharing stories and pictures.  I think, since they are off somewhere giving thanks, I will give you what I am thankful for.  Aren't I a generous dog?

First, I am thankful for yummers.  Those are good!

Second, I am thankful for hands.  Especially when they are rubbing my back or my ears or my neck or my tummy.  Especially my tummy.  Oh, and I like them when they are serving up my yummers.

Third, I am thankful for my walkies.  Especially when I get to see my friend Bonnie and we can run around off our leashes.  Sometimes she drools on me, but what's a little drool between friends?  The other day she had another friend with her, Cocoa.  My, he was a big, handsome dog!  He is a little young, but I will not hold that against him; he can run circles around me any day.  I hope he comes to visit again.

Fourth, I am thankful that the little attention hog is finally gone.  You know, this one:

Look, isn't she creepy looking?  Probably whining that she hasn't eaten for two whole hours.  What a baby!  Anyway, my Mommys' friend came over Tuesday night, and when she left, she took the fuzzball with her!  Yay!  Now before Mommy #1 tells you something silly, I want to put it on the record that I was only sniffing her cage so carefully last night to make absolutely sure she was gone.  I don't miss her or anything.  I don't even care if she misses me.  Mommy #1 said their friend called to say that Smoky is happy and chewing on her toes and stuff.  Good, better than my tail.

Where was I?  Oh, yeah, thanks.

Um...well, the rest is little stuff.  Like, I'm thankful for my bed (but I like the sofa better).  And I'm thankful for my toys, because it's really hard to go outside and pee without one of those.  And I'm thankful for all this lovely soft carpet I can stretch out on, and rub all my itchy extra fur on when it's time to change my coat.

Mommy #1 said she is thankful for me, because I keep her company and get her butt off the couch (no, I don't, I just lean on her, and look at her and wonder when she's going to go for a walk--I don't touch her butt; I can't reach it when it's on the couch!  Didn't I tell you humans make no sense?). 

She said she is also very thankful for Mommy #2, because she doesn't know how she would do "it all" without her.  I don't know what that means.  Does it mean maybe she would forget to give me yummers?  Well then I have to say, I am also thankful for both my Mommies.  I wish every dog could have good Mommies and yummers and hands and carpets and toys like I do.

The End.  Happy Yummers Day!


  1. Rosie, Happy Thanksgiving to you and both of your Mommies, too! You make a wonderful blogger. Have you been practicing typing while they are at work?

    Good Job!! Sorry I can't send you a treat through the computer.

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Dear Rosie,
    I wish I'd known... you are welcome to spend Thanksgiving here! We don't have any dogs here, but we do have a dog bed and dog biscuits, because you're right: "Humans don't make sense!" And we have plenty of yummers to share. Rosie you're sweet, and a good writer. I think you have a big heart too, and wonderful Mommies. Happy Thanksgiving, and may your new year be full of warm hands, toys, walks, and yummers.

  3. Rosie, you and your Mommies have a very Happy Yummers Day! You do have lots of things to be thankful for and the way that you wrote about them was very wonderful. Though, I think you're going to miss the little attention hog more than you think.

  4. Wonderful post, you should post on this blog more Rosie, it could use a dog's point of view once in awhile I think, but what couldn't? :) Hope you and both of your moms have a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Hey Rosie, this is Clifford, the ranch dog at Moondance. I got something else you can put on your thanks list. Be thankful your Mommies aren't vegetarian! I had to eat Tofurkey today! Can you beleive it? They give me regular dog food, sure, but there's never any yummy meat leftovers here! Other than that, life is good.

  6. You are very blessed, Rosie.

    Happy Thanksgiving from your long, lean wonky-eared friend in New Mexico!

    And yay for yummers (and chewies....chomp, chomp...mmmmm!)

    (and her Mommy, too)

  7. Hey Rosie - this is Frankie over at Mucky Boots. I wish I'd known dogs could write blogs - I would have been all over it, months ago! Too bad about the pies leaving. But I have a tip for you: you can get into the tall winter box by lying on the floor on your back and using your front paws to pull open the door at the bottom. It works! (Don't tell your Mommies it was me that told you...)

  8. Ah dear Rosie,sounds like you had a most wonderful day. Lots of smells, entertainment, loved on.
    I am sure you are thrilled that the little fluffball is gone! :)
    But are your mommies missing the fluffball?

  9. Rosie, you're such a good speller, your Mommies must be homeschooling you.

  10. Oh you sweet dog, I bet you're realllly happy that attention hog is gone :-)
    Chees, jj

  11. I completely agree, humans don't make sense. Good thing they are lovable right?

  12. Oh Rosie... Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you, you sweet girl.

    We love your post and are sorry it has taken us so long to get around to reading it.

    We also wish every dog could have good Mommies and yummers and hands and carpets and toys like we all do.


    Enzi, Kassie, Kike (Key-Kay), Suni and Whisky xxooxx

  13. Happy Yummers Day!! Love it!!

    Great post, Rosie!


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