Saturday, November 20, 2010

What's Up, Pussycat?

So I spoke with my parents the other night, and after chatting about the kitten, they asked, "What else is new?"

I couldn't think of a thing!

But, dear readers, there is definitely Kitten News!  First, I'd like to re-introduce you to her Royal Highness, henceforth to be known as...Smoky.

You may notice her eyes are changing color...I suspect they will be green.  She's also starting to show some faded tabby striping.

Like a true princess, Smoky has begun to learn the graces of living in civilized society.  She has finally outgrown bottle feeding, and has been eating solid food for the past week. We're still mixing soft food with formula and some kibble for her morning and evening repas, but in between she's quite happy to munch on the hard, dry stuff alone.  Particularly about an hour before my alarm goes off.  *KRUNCH, KRAK, KRAKKLE*  As long as there's no mewing, I'll take it.

The princess is also testing the edges of her considerable powers by playing some dangerous games...

I have made some progress, too, finally letting the little Kit-Kat into my heart.  It doesn't hurt that she's easy-peasy right now.  Not only is she using the litterbox and eating from a bowl, she's still far too small to leap onto counters, reach the toilet paper, or get into the houseplants.  She's developing a personality, and definitely reacts differently to me and Miss Chef.  And whoo-whee, is she fun to play with!  She's a caricature of every kitten cartoon you've ever seen--hiding and pouncing, leaping straight up in the air, rolling on her back to rabbit-kick, clearly obssessed with shoelaces.

Brushing one's teeth is much more enjoyable when there's a kitten pouncing gently on your slippers.

However, in spite of my growing warm feelings and Miss Chef's big ol' puppy-dog looks of longing, we are standing firm in letting her go.  Our friend came last weekend to meet the little one, and she's thrilled about taking her.  The day after their first meeting, Smoky started eating solid food, which was a pre-requisite to being adoptable.  So, this coming Tuesday night, Miss Smoky will be moving on up to the north side.

Smoky: You like my new pad?
Me: Uh, sweetie, that's not your new pad, that's Rosie's old one.
Smoky: Good, 'cause this one's hairy already.

Yes, we will miss her--even Rosie, though I believe she'll be quite relieved at the same time.  And, as you can tell, I've been taking extra pictures to document every adorable moment.  As I said to Miss Chef, "She won't be this small for long!"

Fortunately, the exhausting nights of bottle feeding and butt-wiping are faded, dim memories.  Or, perhaps unfortunately, because if we find another kitten someday, I'll be quite ready to jump back in and do it again.

That's how people have two kids, isn't it?  They forget some stuff...

Aaaaand, on a completely unrelated note, look what I pulled out of the garden today:

Those, my friends, are carrots.  This is what happens when you ignore your garden for two months.  Let this be a lesson to you.  (And if anyone ever wondered what carrot flowers look like...kind of like Queen Anne's Lace.  I believe they're related, come to think of it.)

Well, perhaps I shall stuff these with turkey for our Thanksgiving feast!  Hope you all have lovely feasts planned, and may your carrots and other goodies be plentiful.


  1. Carrots? The right one looks like a parsnippy....what do I know. That kitty is cutie meow meow...I'd love to snuggle and play! ;-)

  2. Thank you for the Smokey update! Please inform her new owner that she needs to start a blog so we can continue to follow her progress!

  3. Smokey's moving north?!?! The hard part's over. Are you sure?

    Regardless, you did an amazing job with her and I take my hat off to you.

    xo jj

  4. Princess Smokey Kitty is beautiful, and kitten antics never fail to amuse me... even just reading about them. I like what Bossy Betty says... hey, she is bossy!
    "Stuff these with turkey..." lol
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. You are incredibly strong and resilient women, to overcome the adorableness of Smokey. Lucky Nickel says that really, you need a goat. She is very impressed with your name suggestion for her and will be keeping it in mind. And if you have any more carrots, she says she will take those too!

  6. Smoky! What a perfect name for her. I just love grey cats, I had one that color when I was a teenager. I named him AC/DC. (I was a bit of a head banger as a kid!) What kind of carrot is that pink one??

  7. Awe! Good Luck Smokey -- love the updates by the way, she is so cute. Happy Thanksgiving, Mal

  8. Flartus, you did a wonderful thing. You and Miss Chef saved her little life. You are a hero. Smoky is the cutest, sweetest kitten ever.

  9. Smoky is a perfect name... and your pictures of her are priceless. What an amazing surrogate mamma you are! :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. You're kilin' me! I want her. I adore kittens. So does my family BUT the men folk are highly allergic. Our "barn" cat has managed to make herself a bed cat on many nights and the poor farm boy has a bad attack that looks like chicken pox each time. (Maybe cause he hides said kitty under covers for snuggles!)
    I've found similar late carrots - bonus! And I LOVED your comment and gifts! We do similar most years... Trying to simplify a wee bit this year as business kept me crazy.
    Wishing you, Miss Chef, Rosie n Smokey a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. Flartus, you and Miss Chef are welcome to come meet Boomer any time!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, you two. And Rosie.

  12. Carrots, you say?! Incredible! I thought they were an exotic type of turnip, or something! lol!

    Poor carrots. That's what happens when a tiny little furry kitten comes to stay.

    Sure is going to be lonely around there without her, though.



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