Friday, March 18, 2011

Brief Smoky Update

I was wanting to post something today, but hadn't a clue of anything interesting enough to write even a paragraph about.  Then I checked into Facebook, and found perfect blog fodder.  Smoky's new mom had posted a couple of new pictures.  (For anyone new, we found Smoky as a 3-week old kitten in our neighborhood in October, then nursed her through weeks of bottle feeding and butt-wiping before sending her on to a new home.  Oh, and Rosie tried to eat her.)

And because Rosie's agitating for me to join her outside in this 78-degree weather, that's all I'm gonna write.

Happy weekend!

"Smoky the paperweight"

Remember Mr. Buns, who was bigger than she was!?


  1. Cats especially love newspaper when someone wants to read it.

  2. It's wonderful to see Smoky again! What a sleek beauty she's become.

  3. Are you sure this is the same cat? This is the kitten you rescued, right? HOW DID SHE GET SO BIG SO FAST?!!

  4. Miriam: well, she's almost 6 months old...and she has lived w/chefs most of her life! ;)

  5. She's gorgeous! And I love that her paw pads are darker than her white feet. They really stand out.

    It's great to hear that she's happy in her new home, too.

    Enjoy the warm weather!


  6. all turned out great for Smokey, yeah!

  7. What a pretty kitty!! Still love those paws!


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