Saturday, April 30, 2011

Still Here!

Spring is flying by, but we're still lucky enough to be enjoying springlike temperatures.  Any day now, I expect the mercury and the humidity to rise to 90, and stay there 'til September.  In the meantime, I'm truly grateful for the beautiful weather we're having this weekend, and the time to enjoy it!

Last Sunday, you may recall, was Easter.  Which meant that Miss Chef and I were both working at the restaurant (she in the kitchen, I at the door...and the dining room...and back hall...etc.)  It was a really rough day; one that should go into the book every chef's career is worth.  The dishwasher didn't show up; the first seating had a table of 20 that took longer than the allotted time, leaving 20 people standing outside waiting to be seated; the kitchen sent out the wrong party's meals first; I had to go on a run to KFC for bags of ice, and we still  ran out; the last-minute replacement dishwasher knocked over a bus tub full of dirty dishes, breaking plates with a resounding crash that stopped conversation dead in the entire restaurant.

And we still had a seating to go.  Phew!

Oh, and it got better...apparently, back at the house, Rosie was busy having intestinal issues.  'Nuff said.

Of course, all that on a Sunday made Monday a struggle--we both had lesson plans to finish up, and neither one of us had the energy to do it.  I don't know how, but we both got through the day, and then struggled on through the rest of the week.  I don't remember ever being so happy to see Friday night!

But that's not what I came here to share with you.  I thought maybe you might be interested in seeing how the garden is doing?  Of course you are!  I know I am; I hardly get to see what's going on out there during the week.

l to r: tomatoes, peas, beets, broccoli

Well, it's coming along.  So, remember how I said I was only going to do a spring garden, since we'll be gone for two weeks this summer?  Yeah, well, Miss Chef and I went to the farmers market last Saturday (really? We had time to do that??) and somehow we ended up bringing home some tomato plants.  I blame Miss Chef.  She'll blame me that there are three of them.

Apparently, the way for us to buy a reasonable number of tomato plants is to plan not to buy any at all.

The big gap in the garden is for our neighbors to plant something.  Or, if they never get around to it, I'll put a squash plant and a zucchini plant in there, and see how they make out on their own.

In the small boxes in front of the garden, you can see where Miss Chef planted some herbs and marigolds.  And in the background, you can see the two flower beds she finished off a week or two ago.

The snapdragons are blooming, and all the plants look pretty happy.  I found the tag for the middle plant in the picture above: snow princess.

We had some pretty heavy winds a few days ago, from the remnants of that awful storm that killed so many in Alabama and other states.  We lost a few flowers.  I've always been terrified of tornados, since growing up in Ohio with regular tornado drills in the hallways.  I'm so grateful we were spared, and yet so nervous about the upcoming months.  May this be the worst Mother Nature throws at us this year.

So grow on, happy beets....

...keep climbing, little peas...

...because we'd like to eat you before the tornados do! lol

Flowers, you just keep up the good work, ok?

So Blogger wants me to write "tornadoes," and that just doesn't look right to me.  Doesn't growing up in Tornado Alley give me some sort of authority here??


  1. What?!? "Spring is flying by"? What Spring? 20 degrees tonight, and maybe snow.

    Your garden is off to a great start.

  2. Your garden is looking great, and I'm glad you decided to go ahead with some veggie plantings even though you'll be away for a while. I think just being around growing things, regardless of any edible outcomes, is like medicine!

  3. The Professor and I are planning our summer vacation and I was thinking about swinging through your neck of the woods. I WAS thinking about it when, for some reason, I thought you were in Tennessee. Oh well!

    Your bloomers are lovely. And thank you for the hilarious comments you always leave me. They crack me up!

  4. Always good to read your news and see your photos. We are having our share of natural disasters here, but tornados aren't really part of what happens. Earthquakes, floods....yes! I hope that your weather settles down and everything grows beautifully in your garden.

  5. Tornadoes, tornados. Firefox says it's with an E. We get the point and accept your rebel-like blogging.


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