Friday, April 8, 2011

Where in the World Is Flartus?

Hmmm...wherever it is, Miss Chef is definitely with her.

They have beautiful gardens...

...and the weather is gorgeous this weekend.

But.....!  There's more than just pretty scenery to enjoy.  There are some interesting characters...
Cap'n Bob is the one on the right.
...and lots of historical artifacts!

So...where in the world is Flartus??


  1. Flartus--Are you in Portland?

  2. My guess? You were on the internet at the time. How'd I do?

  3. I don't know where in the world you and Miss Chef are, but I want to be there too!

  4. Betty--interesting guess...but nope, rather wide of the mark.

    Garret--if you want to get technical, I was on a chair. So...nope, WRONG!

    Terry--yes, yes you do. :D

  5. As a native of a different country, living on the other side of the continent, I think I should get a pass on this question! How the heck am I supposed to know where you are?! Wherever it is, it sure looks interesting!

  6. Hmmm... I see azaleas... are you in Georgia? Perhaps at Le Cordon Bleu? :)

  7. I have no idea where you are but it looks like a lot of fun.
    Happy Sunday, jj

  8. Justina's getting close...

  9. The azaleas and Capt Bob remind me of Savannah, GA. But, I'm not sure whether they have a culinary institute there.

  10. So where in the world are you???

  11. We have a culinary school in Charlotte don't we? We've got plenty of azalea's in North Carolina but don't know that they're blooming yet.You are south of Charlotte?


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