Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back Down to Earth

Who needs to go to Paris to have a beautiful morning?

Now that I feel that Big Trip is more or less ready to take care of himself, I've found time and attention to return to the garden.  Although I have to spend another Saturday at the office, I delayed going in, so I could enjoy a cool early morning with my plants.  It's been in the upper 90s all week, with little relief in sight.  I knew my peas and broccoli were probably out there gasping like a lost vegetable caravan crossing a desert.

After a serious watering and some catch-up weeding, I stopped to enjoy my little garden patch.

It's hard to see it all, because Miss Chef's herb garden has become very enthusiastic this year.  That's mostly oregano that's standing tall.

Here are some snapshots of what's growing.

As you can see in the main garden picture, the peas never took off this spring.  But the ones we've gotten are as delicious as always.

The first enormous head of broccoli is just about ready to harvest.  I've only recently realized how beautiful the giant bluish leaves are.  (Yes, we have some cabbage moth issues, but they're not too out of control.)

The cucumbers are starting to blossom.  There's actually a small, inch-long cucumber, but the shot came out all fuzzy, so you'll have to enjoy this pretty yellow flower peeking from behind the healthy green leaves.

We've harvested a few beets already.  The leaves have been showing off their strong red veins for some weeks now.

The tomatoes I wasn't going to plant are doing quite well.  Unfortunately, we've already had to harvest one.  I say unfortunately, because as soon as it showed the first blush of orange, a rabbit bit into it.

Rosie, you may have to sleep outside for a while.

We also have a lovely crop of blackberries coming in.  I don't know if we'll be around to harvest them.  The raspberries are ripening now, but we only have a few of them.

First raspberry of the season...was my breakfast.  Yummy!

And now, back into the office I go.  I'm still earning that big vacation, every week...


  1. The garden looks lovely - so much food to harvest! I hope you have someone watching/watering it for you while you're off in Paree!!! I think I'd be too excited about the trip to go in to work on a Saturday.

    Happy thoughts to you both...

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Oh, things are looking so great! We're still limping along in the vegetable garden, trying to pick up steam after a wet, cool spring. But the first of the squash seedlings poked their heads of the ground today, so maybe there's hope. You visit my blog to see the lovely things that have already come and gone at your place, and I visit your blog to see all the lovely things I'm hoping will materialize!

  3. It's nice of you to grow veggies for the rabbits...

  4. Beautiful garden shots. Made me wish we were planting one this year!

    Oh, the wascally wabbits... they know right when to 'harvest' their crop! We had a dog who acquired a taste for almost ripe tomatoes!

  5. The Big Trip called. It wants a new bikini and some more exciting snacks for the plane. Pronto.

  6. Your garden looks great! I'm so envious... you are so much farther ahead of us. I'm thinking I need to cover our cucumbers because they're getting burned by the sun...

    I'll just keep talking to all of our veggies to encourage them to continue growing... I think I'll mention to them how much bigger your veggies are. ;)

  7. It's always a race between The Professor and the birds to see who gets to harvest his tomatoes. The birds usually win.

    eta - My word verification is "table." Apropos?

  8. Everything looks great! I need some advice for broccoli though. I have tried to grow it twice and it always bolts to flowers. I was told it is the heat but it has to be hot where you are too? What am I doing wrong do you think? I would love just once to see a nice head of broccoli like that in my garden!


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