Monday, June 27, 2011

Some Paris Pics

Waiting for Miss Chef to get out of the shower, thought I'd upload some randomness.

the kiddos and I at the Arc de Triomphe

Crazy bird lady at Notre Dame corrupts the children,

Interior of Sainte Chapelle

Our very own gargoyle

Miss Chef and I and Notre Dame
 Today (Monday) is Museum Day: Louvre, Cluny and Pompidou.   I think our feet may revolt soon.  Onward!


  1. It has been a long while since I have stopped in to see what you have been up to. And I see quite a lot!
    Laughed out loud at the Gargolye impression.
    Sounds and looks like you are all having a fabulous time.
    oh, before I forget, I planted eight tomato plants and everytime I look at them, I think of you, Miss Chef and Rosie and of your garden from last year. :)

  2. Great, jumping gargoyles! You're lucky to have got past that fearsome beast!

    So....are you drinking bottled water with or without bubbles?

  3. Yahoo! The Big Trip does not disappoint! Love these pictures--especially the scary gargoyle!

  4. Just got back from vacation and skimmed through your London and Paris posts - SO jealous!

  5. Absolutely spectacular stained glass.

  6. Woot-woot! Welcome back! Loving the pics and can't wait to see more. I'm sorry you're battling with Blogger. :( We missed you!

  7. Finally doing some catching up. All your lovely photos make me:
    a) desperate for a holiday;
    b) depressed at not having been in Europe for an eternity;
    c) incredibly hungry;
    d) wondering why my life is feeling so mundane
    e) wishing I was there.
    Groan. I'll just go hide in a corner now and look at the piles of crap that need to be sorted in my impossible new house. :)

  8. Fabo photos!!!

    That last one? Adorable!



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